International Who is Who in Cartooning

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Macek, Carl Frank

BIRTH: Pittsburgh, PA USA September 21, 1951 STUDY: Theory/Criticism Visual Media Cal St. Univ., Fullerton B.A./M.A. 1974 WORK: Product Director Harmony Gold, USA 1984- SPECIALTY: Animation, Comic books BIBLIOGRAPHY: Fay Reynolds/Ardith Carlton "Robotech Art I" Donning Co 1986 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "The Art of Heavy Metal - Animation for the 1980's" 1981; Robotech Comics 1985-86; (P) Robotech Television Series 1985; "Once Upon a Time" 1987; "World of the Talisman" 1987; "Robtech II - The Sentinels" 1987 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: College Instructor -Film Noir -Dark Age of American Cinema, Economics through study of Feature Film & Documentary, Instructional Media CURRENT RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, CA USA


Macot, Maurice (TOCAM)

BIRTH: Liege June 17, 1923 WORK: Professeur Universite du Quebec a Montreal 1969-87 SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Inforgraphic Canada BOOKS/FILMS: (A) ""La tet con navet" 1977 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Journal Le Devoir; Syndicate CSN Montreal; Journal Le Monde Du Travelm Belgium; Soiete des Graphists du Quebec; Journal UQAM CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Achives Publiques Service Iconographique Ottawa, Canada ONE-MAN SHOWS: Montreal 1972,80,84; Toronto 1986; Ste-Therese 1985 GROUP SHOWS: Montreal 1985 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Computer Design Grant from Ministry for Cultural Affairs of Quebec 1984 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ile Bizard, Canada


Magano, Jorge Luis Zarate (COCO)

BIRTH: Arequipa, Peru December 1, 1969 STUDY: Art Erba Carlos Baca Flor 1987091 WORK: Cartoonist Cecycap 1990-91 SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Member of 2000 Club BOOKS/FILMS: 2 El Poblador Cecycap 1990; Pueblo Greente Cyclcan PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Daily ""Correo"; Cecycap AWARDS: Luchin Gonzales 1990 GROUP SHOWS: Alianza Francesa 1988; Extebandes 1988; Alianza Francesa 1990; J. Pardo Heeren 1991; Beringen 1990; Knokke-Heist 19991; Saint Just 1990 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: created posters for several institutions CURRENT RESIDENCE: Arequipa, Peru


Majoral, Ignasi

BIRTH: St Just Desvern, June 20, 1957 STUDY: Virgen de la Salud School Higher certificate 'A' level 1970-73; Fine arts, Arts i Oficis Schol de Barcelona 1973-76; Reial Cercle Artistic, Barcelona 1976-77 SPECIALTY: Comic Books BIBLIOGRAPHY: Joan Clavaguera "Premis literaris catalans" Avui Sept 15, 1984; "Cultura Catalunya Nova" El Periodico February 14, 1985; Joaquim Auladell "Humor" Avui 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES:Fix-Foxi; Donald; Mikey; Atzara; Zona 84; Canibal; Chucho Larguirucho; Bichos; Pulgarcito; Pif AWARDS: 2nd Award Poster Sant J. Despi 1983; 1st Award Opisso 1984; Finalist in 1st Award in the magazine "1984" 1980 GROUP SHOWS: Reial Cercle Artistic 1976; Placa St. Joseo Oriol 1977; Salo del Comic Barcelona 1982-84; "Out of Barcelona" 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Reus, Spain


Makarov, Vladimir Petrovich (KISLY)

BIRTH: Dnepropetrovsk, Soviet Uinon September 5, 1957 STUDY: Independent artistic education SPECIALTY: Caricature MEMBERSHIPS: Association of Cartoonists of USSR PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Prapor Junosti CURRENT RESIDENCE: Dnepropetrovsk, Soviet Union


Malko, Vladimir Viktorovich

GROUP SHOWS: Knokke-Heist 1988,89; Montreal 1988; Zelena Gora 1989; Havana 1989 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: CURRENT RESIDENCE: Orekhov Tporokhskayaobl, Soviet Union


Malkoc, Enver

BIRTH: Trabzon, 1960 STUDY: State Engineering Faculty, Zonguldak 1984 WORK: SPECIALTY: MEMBERSHIPS: Turkish Cartoonists Association BIBLIOGRAPHY: BOOKS/FILMS: PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: AWARDS: Mention 2nd Int'l Golden Horn Cartoon Contest, Istanbul 1984; Silver Horn, Istanbul 1985; Citation Prize 8th Int'l Yomiuri Cartoon Contest, Tokyo 1986; 8th Prize 1st Int'l Cartoon Contest in C. Java, Indonesia 1988; Certificate of Merit in "Cartoonists Against Drug Abuse" Int'l Cartoon Contest, PRA, New York 1988; Le Prix du Gag 10th Int'l Humouristic Designs Festival in Anglet 1988; Premjo Speciale 7th Cartoon Biennial, Vercelli 1988; First Prize and Mention Int'l Health Cartoon Contest, Nicosia TRNC 1988; Silver Medal 10th Int'l Sporting Cartoon Exhibition, Ancona 1989; Prize of Humorina'90 Int'l Cartoons and Humourous Pictures Exhibition, Odessa 1990 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: ONE-MAN SHOWS: GROUP SHOWS: Throughout Turkey; Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria; Canada; Cuba; France; Holland; Indonesia; Itally; Japan; Poland; Turkish Rep. of N. Cyprus; W. Germany; USA; Soviet Union OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: CURRENT RESIDENCE: Karabuk, Turkey


Malmgren, O. Richard (Dick Malmgren)

BIRTH: Broklyn, NY February 8, 1928 STUDY: Cartoonist & Illustrators School, NYC 1949-53; Art Students League, NYC 1953-54 WORK: Artists/Writer Archie Comics Publishing Co 20 years SPECIALTY: Comic Books, Comic strips MEMBERSHIPS: Museum of Cartoon Art; The Cartoonist Guild; The Society for Communication Arts PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Archie Comic Pub. Inc; Western Pub.; Waldman Pub. Inc. NYC; Marvel Comics Group NYC; Charlton Pub.; C.P.I CURRENT RESIDENCE: Greensboro, NC USA


Maloney, Vicki

BIRTH: Philadelphia, PA October 10, 1952 STUDY: Advertising Design Moore College of Art B.F.A. (Cum Laude) 1976 WORK: Staff Artist Sulpizio Associates 1976-77; Graphic Designer TV Guide Magazine 1977-83; Art Director Mel Richman, Inc. 1983-84; Self-employed 1984- SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Cartoonists Association BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bob Bloss "How Scoreboard Gets Its Graphics" Phillies Report, Rich Westcott Publ. October 1983 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: New Yorker Magazine; Saturday Evening Post; Writers Digest; Phila. Inquirer Magazine; Inside Magazine; Jewish Exponent; Phila. Inquirer AWARDS: International Film & TV Festival, Bronze Award for Animation 1980 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Philadelphia, PA USA


Manara, Milo

BIRTH: Bolzano, Italy September 17, 1943 STUDY: Architecture, Diploma WORK: Free Lance SPECIALTY: Comic Books, Comic Strips, Illustration BOOKS/FILMS: Gillseppe Bergman 1975; Jours de Coleres 1958; Le Declic 1-2 1981-90; Parjume Invisible 1984; Candid Camera 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE:Santambrogio, Italy


Maniez, Patrick

BIRTH: Mazingarbe, France May 15, 1961 STUDY: Animation, Sup. Info. Com, Bachelor, 1991WORK: -Self Employed: Atomes Crochus Creations, Director 1991 SPECIALTY: Animation BIBLIOGRAPHY: Michelle, Marie, Pop English, Michelle Marie (F.R.), 1990-91; Dou Jacobson, The Cyberiad, Dou Jacobson (U.S.A), 1991 BOOKS/FILMS: Gec Alsthom 1991, Noravto 1991, Study Vision 1991, Trame 1991 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Children's Channel, Channel 5 (French Cable) OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS:Institutional Films, Generies, Short Animations, Graphics CURRENT RESIDENCE:Valenciennes, France


Manjares, Melchor Miraflor Chorman

BIRTH: Pilar, Sarsogon January 6, 1945 STUDY: Architecture Technological Institute of the Philippines B.S. 1980 WORK: Assistant/Proprietor Mayon Air Systems Supply 1978- SPECIALTY: Caricature, Comic Strips, Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: Northwest Worldperks PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: The Philippine Sun; The National Hobby News GROUP SHOWS: Int'l Cartoons of the World Exhibition, Berlin 1975, 77, 80; Salon of Cartoons, Montreal 1977, 78, 79, 81, 82 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Poet "Allegoric Allegation" in The Family Treasury of Great Poems Sacramento, CA; Songwriter "Come to Me" Gospel Recording Co., Quincy MA CURRENT RESIDENCE: Quezon City, Philippines


Manjunatha, H.B.

BIRTH: Davangere City, India December 23, 1954 STUDY: P.R.M. College, Davangere City Bachelor of Commerce 1973 WORK: Professional Photographer/Fine Artist Fine Art Photo Studio, Davangere City 1972- SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Karnataka State Cartoonist's Association; South Indian Photographic and Allied Traders Assocation PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Kannada Prabha; Viz; Sudha Weekly; Taranga Weekly; Prajavani Daily; Udayavani Daily; Samyukta; Karnataka Daily; Mayura Monthly; Tushara Monthly; Mallige Monthly; Kasturi Monthly AWARDS: National level award in cartoon competition held by the Health and Family Welfare Department of the Government of India 1984; Mysore Dasara Exhibition Award for Painting 1980 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Davangere 1979, 80, 84, 85, 86; Chitradurga 1980; Bangalore 1980; Dharwar 1982; Kondajji 1985 GROUP SHOWS: Hubli, India 1979; Dharwar 1979; Bangalore 1980, 81, 84,86; Hyderabad 1983; Gujarat 1983; Mysore 1985; Shimoga 1985 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Painting collection "Kathakkali" is in Folklore Museum, Mysore University, Mysore, Karnataka CURRENT RESIDENCE:Davangere, Karnataka India


Marsden, Ian David (Ian D. Marsden)

BIRTH: New York August 24, 1967 STUDY: Literary Gymnasium 1984; F&F Art School, Zuerich 1985; Graphic Design Leo Burnett Adv. Agency 1985 WORK: Staff Cartoonist Nebelspalter 1984-; Comic Artist Sonntagsblick 1985-; Cartoon Creative Director "Das Ideale Heim" 1986-; Self-employed 1985- SPECIALTY: Caricature, Comic Books, Comic Strip, Illustration, Magazine Gag, Political/Social BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Idi and Bombo" (TV Show) 1985 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Nebelspalter; Tages Anzeiger; Schweizer Illustrierte; Penthouse; Swiss Television; Visa Credit Card Co; Der Junge Kaufmann ONE-MAN SHOWS: Classic House, Kilchberg 1986 GROUP SHOWS: Sierre BD 1985, 86; Tourcoing '87; St Just Le Martel 1985, 86; Vita Bern 1966; Kornhaus 1987 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Zurich, Switzerland


Martin, Don Edward

BIRTH: Patterson, NJ May 18, 1931 STUDY: Illustration/Fine Art Newark Fine & Industrial Art 1949-51; Pennslyvania Academy of Art 1952 WORK: Window Trimmer/Frame Maker -1953; General Paste-up/Mechanicals 1954-55; Cartoonist Mad Magazine 1957- SPECIALTY: Illustration, Magazine Gag, Story Strips MEMBERSHIPS: National Cartoonists Society; Graphic Artist Guild BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Don Martin Steps Out" 1961; "Don Martin Bounces Back" 1963; "Don Martin 13 Stories" 1965; "Adventures of Captain Klutz" 1967; "Don Martin Cooks up More Tales" 1969; "Don Martin Comes on Strong" 1971; "Don Martin Carries On" 1973; "The Completely Mad Don Martin" 1974; "Don Martin Steps Further Out" 1975; "Don Martin Forges Ahead" 1977; Don Martin Digs Deeper" 1979; "Don Martin Grinds Ahead" 1981; "Captain Klutz II" 1973; "Don Martin Sails Ahead" 1986 AWARDS: Ignatz Award Orlando Comicon 1980; Special Features Award, NCS 1982, 83 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: N.C.S.; Ohio State University OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Juror - Hürriyet Vakfi International Cartoon Competition, Ankara, Turkey 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: South Miami, FL USA


Martin, Henry Read

BIRTH: Louisville, KY July 15, 1925 STUDY: Princeton University A.B. 1948; American Academy of Art 1950 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag, Syndicated panels MEMBERSHIPS: The Cartoonists Association BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jud Hurd "Good News/Bad News" Cartoonist Profiles No 56 December 1982; Robert H. White "Henry Martin's Cartoon Shop" Princeton Alumni Weekly December 1, 1982 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Good News/Bad News" Scribners 1977; "Yak! Yak! Yak! Blah! Blah! Blah!" 1977; "All Those in Favor" American Management Assn. 1970; (C) "My Puppy Scrapbook" by Ann M. Martin, Scholastic 1982; "Fancy Dance in Feathertown" by Ann M. Martin, Golden Books 1988; "Moving Day in Feathertown" by Ann M. Martin, Golden Books 1989 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: The New Yorker; Tribune Media Services; Punch Magazine; Philadelphia Inqiurer; Saturday Evening Post; Look; TV Guide; Ladies Home Journal; Good Housekeeping; Cosmopolitan; Good Food; Audubon; Wall Street Journal; Family Circle CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Swan Collection; David E Lilienthal Collection; IBM Collection; Merrill Lynch Collection; Princeton University Library ONE-MAN SHOWS: Princeton University Library 1980; Merrill Lynch 1987; The Art of the New Yorker 1986 GROUP SHOWS: The Squibb Gallery CURRENT RESIDENCE:Princetown, NJ USA


Mason, Andy (N.D.Mazin)

BIRTH: Pietermaritzburg August 11, 1954 STUDY: University of Natal B.A.(Hons) 1978 WORK: Proprietor Tegwen Publications 1987-88; Managing Editor Butterworth Publishers 1985-87; Managing Editor Indicator SA(Journal) Univ. of Natal 1985-87 SPECIALTY: Comic Strips, Illustration, Political/Social, Story Strips BIBLIOGRAPHY: Schoonraad, M "Suid-Afrikaanse Spot-en Strookprentkunstenaars" Cum Boeke (SA) 1983; Silber, S "Weekly Mail" 1987 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "The Big Chillum" Durban Comix Circle 1987; "Vusisoes Back - A Comic Book About the History of South Africa" 1981; (P) P.A.X> (Pre-Azanian Comix) Nos 1-6 1986-88; (C) "Street Law: Practical Law for South African Students" 1987-88; "None But Ourselves: Media vs Masses in Making of Zimbabwe 1982; "Gold and Nosker: A People's History of SA Vol 1 1980 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Learn & Teach Magazine; Frontline Magazine; Upbeat Magazine; S.A. Street Law Series; Staff Rider Magazine; PAX; People's Workbook; Indicator South Africa GROUP SHOWS: SA's First Alternative Comix Exhibition (co-curator) 1987; SA Cartoonists of the Year Awards Exhibition 1983 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Founder of the Durban Comix Circle - SA's only association of alternative cartoonist. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sherwood, South Africa


Matawaran, Eliezer Teodosio (Ely Matawaran)

BIRTH: Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines February 23, 1954 STUDY: San Beda College AB 1970-74 WORK: House artists Woman's Home Companion Magazine 1976- SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: Society of Philippine Cartoonist PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Woman's Magazine; Modern Teachers; Life Today Magazine; Ptyk Comic Newspaper; Time's Journal Newspaper; Manila Chronicle Newspaper; New Day Newsmagazine; Pak Publication; Hoy Magazine AWARDS: Citation 6th Yomiuri Contest 1985; Citation 8th Yomiuri Contest 1987 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Editor, Philippines of WittyWorld; Movie and Television scriptwriter CURRENT RESIDENCE: Quezon City, Philippines


Mattos, Bonifacio Rodrigues (Ykenga)

BIRTH: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil May 14, 1952 STUDY: Social Study Faculdade de Ciencias Notre Dame Sociologist 1980 WORK: Free Lance Secretaria de Educacao R.J. 1982-87; Free Lance Rio Arte 1986-87; Free Lance Pasquim (newspaper) illustrator 1983-87; Free Lance Favelao (newspaper) Comic Strip 1984-87 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Comic Books, Comic Strips, Illustration, Political/Social, Sports, Story Strips MEMBERSHIPS: ABI - Brasilian Press Association; Sindicato dos jornalistas BOOKS/FILMS: (C) "Tem que dar certo" Ed. Jose Olimpio 1986; "38 cartonistas de circo" Ed Codecri 1984; "Este lado para cima" ed Mourivan Editorial 1985 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: International Catologue of Cartoons/Canada; Bulletim Federacao dos Bancarios do R.J.; Maioria Falante; Imaginario; Jornal Interarte; Jornal do Sindicato dos Petroleiros CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: General Archive of Rio de Janeiro; Historic Museum of Niteroi R.J.; Caritas Museum of Cabo Frio - R.J. GROUP SHOWS: Angulane/France 1985; Funarte-RJ 1983; Internacional Saloon, Canada 1983-86; Yomiuri Shimbun - Japan 1985; Internacional Saloon Pircacicaba-S.P. 1983 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Also work on school books, audiovisual kits, workshops on "comic books" for youths CURRENT RESIDENCE: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mattotti, Lorenzo

BIRTH: Brescia, Italy January 24, 1954 STUDY: Architechture SPECIALTY: Comic Books, Illustration BOOKS/FILMS: (A)Vanity, Albin Michel, France 1986; (A) Il Sigmor Spartago, Italy 1986; (A) Fuochi "Fire" Albin Michel, France-Italy-Holland 1986; (A) Murmure, Albin Michel, Germany, 1988; (A)Pinocchio, Albin Michel, Rizzoli France/Italy 1991; (A) Alla Finestra, Italy-Hollang-France 1992 AWARDS: "Fire" Barcellona 1987; "Fire" Italia 1989; "Fire" Olanda 1989, "Fire" Germany 1992 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Angouleme 1986, Papier Gras 1986, Gallessud 1988, Metropolis 1988, Agrifoglio 1988, Bains Douce 1988, Palavi Solleric 1989, Sans Titre 1989, Stripwinkel 1990, Escale 1990, Musee 1991 GROUP SHOWS: Many: Tokyo, Milan, New York, Rome, Nice CURRENT RESIDENCE:Voine, Italy


Mattsson, Steven Michael (Steve Mattsson)

BIRTH: Salt Lake City, UT USA December 16, 1959 STUDY: Art Education Western Oregon State College B.S. 1984; Comic Art The Waky Wood School of Comic Art Honorary 1984 WORK: Freelance 1985-87; Art Director Dark Horse Comics 1987; Freelance writer 1986-; Founding member The Graphic Part 1986- SPECIALTY: Comic Books BIBLIOGRAPHY: Richard H Marisey "Dial "H" for Hero" Amazing Heros #1; Andy Mangles "Dark Horse" Amazing Heros #17 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: The Comic Reader; Adventure Comics; Superboy; Legion of Super Heros; Miracle Man; Fear Book; Whodunnit; Tales of Terror; Boris the Bear; Dark Horse Presents; Amazing Heros; Mecha; Trekker; Godzilla; Comics Week; Ninja; Yakuza; Eternity Collection; Stealth Force; Liberator; Slash Maraud; DC Comics Who's Who; The Alien Legion; The Warlord; The Doom Patrol CURRENT RESIDENCE: Portland, OR USA


Maurer, Linus A (Linus)

BIRTH: Sleepy Eye, MN USA January 15, 1926 STUDY: Art St Thomas College, St Paul MN 1947; Illustration Minneapolis School of Art 1950 WORK: Art Director Anthony Lane Film Studios 1953-1960; Art Director Wells Fargo Bank 1963-67 SPECIALTY: Animation, Caricature, Comic Strips, Story Strips, Syndicated Panels MEMBERSHIPS: (Past Member) American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Art Directory Club of San Francisco PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Chicago Tribune Syndicate - "Abra Cadabra"; Register & Tribune Syndicate - "Old Harrigan"; Intercontinental Press Syndicate - "In the Beginning"; Sun Features; Editors Press CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Albert T. Reid Cartoon Collection at the University of Kansas GROUP SHOWS: Minneapolis; San Francisco OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Character creation for media; animation and art direction for video, TV, films; Create a daily syndicated numbers puzzle; humorous paintings; weather cartoons; participated onjudging panel at San Francisco Film Festivals CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sonoma, CA USA


Mavrov, Kiro Petrov

BIRTH: Varna, Bulgaria May 1, 1949 STUDY: Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia Diploma 1978 WORK: Freelance SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Union of Bulgarian Artists BIBLIOGRAPHY: Krassimir Linkov "Kiro Mavrov" magazin "Art" May 1984; Ivan Vesselinoff "Bulgarian Satira" magazin "Pierrot" W. Germany January 1987; Dimitar Dimtrov "Kiro Mavrov" magazin "Horizonts" January 1987 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "201 Smiles on the Way" 1991; (C) "Parkinson's Low"; "Mrs. Parkinson's Low" PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Starshel; Democracia; Cultura; Bulgaria Magazine; Nebelspalter AWARDS: 4th Prize Int'l Exhibition Ancona 1979; 2nd Prize Int'l Exhibition Ancona 1981; 2nd Prize Gabrovo 1975; 1st Prize Gabrovo 1977 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: House of Humour, Gabrovo; Museum of Cartoon, Basel ONE-MAN SHOWS: Sofia, Bulgaria 1981, 83 GROUP SHOWS: Zug, Switzerland 1985; Davoz, Switzerland 1987 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sofia, Bulgaria


Mazzuchelli, David

BIRTH: USA September 21, 1960 STUDY: Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Painting 1983 WORK: Free Lancer, Marvel Comics, Daredevil + others, 1983-87; Free Lancer, DC Comics, Batman, 1986-87; Artist, Self, Various, 1987-present SPECIALTY: Comic Books BIBLIOGRAPHY: Peter Sanderson, "Batman, Daredevil, and the Art of Cartooning", Amazing Heroes, 1986 BOOKS/FILMS: (A,E,C,P) Rubber Blanket #1, Rubber Blanket Press 1991; (C) Snake Eyes #1, Fantagraphics Books 1991; (C) Nozone #3, Nozone 1991; (C) Artist Batman: Year One, DC Comics/Warner Books 1988; (C)Artist Daredevil (Comic Book), Marvel Comics 1984-86 AWARDS: Haxtur (Spain) 1987; Jack Kirby Comics Industry Award 1986;The American Comic Book Awards 1985 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: The Museum of Cartoon Art, Rye Brook NY (USA) ONE-MAN SHOWS: Museum of Cartoon Art, Rye Brook NY, USA1989 GROUP SHOWS: "2000-8", Salon International de la Bande Dessinee, Angouleme, France 1992; "Karykaturzysci USA", Muzeum Karykatury, Warsaw, Poland 1990 CURRENT RESIDENCE:Hoboken, NJ USA


McCloud, Scott Willard

BIRTH: Boston, MA USA June 10, 1960 STUDY: Illustration Syracuse University B.F.A. Magna Cum Laude 1982 WORK: Production Dept, DC Comics 1982-83 SPECIALTY: Comic Books BIBLIOGRAPHY: "The Talk of the Town" New Yorker Magazine June 11, 1984 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Eclipse Comics; My Comics!:; Zot!; Destroy! AWARDS: Best New Comic of 1984 - Jack Kirby Comics Industry Awards 1985; Russ Manning "Promising Newcomer Award" 1985 GROUP SHOWS: Art Deco Society of New York, Exhibition in the Chrysler Building, NYC CURRENT RESIDENCE: Tarrytown, NY USA


McCourt, Arthur A (Art McCourt)

BIRTH: New York, USA January 6, 1926 STUDY: American School of Comm. Art, Dallas TX Certif. 1946-48; Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Certif. 1949-50; Professional School of Cartooning 1949-50 WORK: Senior Illustrator Dougay Aircraft 1957-87 SPECIALTY: Comic Strips, Magazine Gag, Syndicate Panels MEMBERSHIPS: Artist Guild of Chicago 1951-54 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: National Enquirer; King Features; Arizona Republic; Furrow; Changing Times; Community & Surburban News; Ford Times; Farm Journal; Chevron; American Legion; Detroit Athletic Club; Agway; Alive; Co-op News Letter; Ohio Motorist; Rural Kentuckian; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Denver Post; Farmer; Nebraska Farmer; Charlton Publications; Cavalier; Florida Banker; Made To Measure; HPC 300; True Detective CURRENT RESIDENCE: Dallas, TX USA


McDonald, Jerry Ralph

BIRTH: Oregon, USA December 28, 1940 STUDY: Painting Drawing University of Oregon B.S. 1966; M.F.A. 1968 WORK: Instructor Figure Drawing Calligraphy Univ. of Oregon 1966-68; Instructor Painting Drawing, Design University of N. Iowa 1968-69; Instructor Painting, Drawing and Design Oregon State University 1969-71; Freelance Instructor San Francisco 1971- SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Political/Social PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Rolling Stone Magazine; Saturday Review; Playboy Magazine; New York Magazine; New West Magazine; California Magazine; Psychology Today; San Francisco Magazine; Screw Magazine; City Magazine; CBS Records; Fantasy Records; Focus Magazine; Berkeley Monthly; Wall Street Journal AWARDS: American Illustration; Outstanding American Illus.; Graph's Magazine; Aiga Annual; Addy for Pkg Design; Best in Show, IOLA Annual; Best in Show Waverly Annual; Society of Illustrators Annual; Grammy Nomination for Record Pkg ONE-MAN SHOWS: Waverly Art Center; UOFO Museum of Art; Waterloo Art Center; Des Moines Art Center; Fairbanks Gallery; Modernism, SF CURRENT RESIDENCE: San Francisco, CA USA


McGarry, Steve

BIRTH: Manchester, England January 24, 1953 SPECIALTY: Comic Strips MEMBERSHIPS: National Cartoonists Society, USA; National Union of Journalist; Cartoonists Club of Great Britain PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: United Media; London Express News & Features; The Sun; The Daily Star; Daily Mirror; Sunday Express; Shoot; Match Weekly; Look-in; Oink; Eagle; Tiger OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: "Badlands" daily cartoon strip runing in the Sun; "Diary of Rock & Pop" Daily Strip running throughout the world; "Biography" US color Sunday strip running throughout the world CURRENT RESIDENCE: Huntington Beach, CA USA


McGeean, Ed

BIRTH: Oak Park, IL USA December 22, 1928 STUDY: Cartooning Chicago Academy of Fine Arts 1953-54 WORK: Copy Boy/Art Chicago Daily News 1946-50; Production Snips Magazine 1952-53; Staff Artist Chicago Sun Times 1953-55; Artist/Cartoonist Helene Curtis Industries 1956-70 SPECIALTY: Illustration, Magazine Gag, Sports, Advertising MEMBERSHIPS: C.A.P.S Comic Arts Professional Society; S.C.C.S. Southern California Cartoonist Society PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Chicago Daily News; Chicago Sun Times; Helene Curtis Ind, Inc.; Bob Engel Advertising OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: write monthly column for C.A.P.S. Newsletter; West Coast Correspondent Comics Buyer;s Guide. DIED: In Burbank, CA, USA


Meder, Willi

BIRTH: Leipzig, Germany December 15, 1940 STUDY: Hochschule for Grafik & Buchkunst in Leipzig WORK: Dipl Grafik Designer Cartoonist 1965 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: BDG - Bund Deutscher Grafik - Designer BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Kabeltraume" Rosenheimer Verlag 1985; "Familienbande" Rosenheimer Verlag 1985; "Von Hund Zu Mensch" Rosenheimer Verlag 1986; "Katlereien" Rosenheiemer Verlag 1986; "Feine Leute" Rosenheiemer Verlag 1987; "Gesunder Leben" Rosenheiemer Verlag 1987; "Wir Sind So Frei / Freiheitsstatue" Erb Verlag 1986; "Satire & Cartoon Kalendar" Edition Treves 1986; "Der Gartenzwergverein" Boje Verlag 1987 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: CCC, Arno Koch, München; Cartoon Studio Meder, Wachendorf AWARDS: Excellence Prize 7th Int. Cartoon Contest Yomiuri 1986 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Kupferstichkabinett, Greiz Germany ONE-MAN SHOWS: Lubeck, Malente, Furth, München, Altenburg, Saacfeld, Leipzig GROUP SHOWS: Knokke-Heist; Gabrovo; Prag; Dusseldorf; Greiz; Tokyo; Dresden; Moskau; Berlin; Ancona; Istanbul OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Politischer Cartoonists in Leipziger Abendzeitung von 1965-1975 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wachendorf, Germany


Medzionis, Saulius

BIRTH: Lithuania, Russia February 18, 1955 STUDY: Kaunas Technological University 1979 WORK: Medicine Kliniks of Kaunas 1978-present SPECIALTY: Caricature, Political/Social, Sports PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Exhibition catalogues: Lithuania, USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Polen, Tsekoslovakia, Germany AWARDS: Belgium Knokke-Heist Prize 1988; Yugoslavia Skopje-Grand Prix 1989; Estonia Tallinn Spec. Prize 1991, Many Varions prizes in Lithuania & USSR CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Devil Museum in Kaunas ONE-MAN SHOWS: Kaunas 1989 GROUP SHOWS: Participating Exhibitions in & outside from 1980 CURRENT RESIDENCE:Kaunas, Lithuania


Mehrabi, Massoud

BIRTH: Tehran, Iran January 25, 1955 STUDY: Cinema, University of Dramatic Arts, M.A. 1982 WORK: Caricaturist, Free Lance for Many Different News and Magazines 1970-1991;Graphist, Iranian TV, Caricaturist, 1981-88; Publisher, MFM, President, 1981-91 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration BIBLIOGRAPHY: Shideh Danesh, Caricature in Iran, Keyhan News Paper, 1976; Aidin Aghdashloo, Identity, Ayandegan Newspaper 1978; Hadi Ashrafi, Looking at his Work, Rastakhis Newspaper, 1978 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) Roofless Ladder 1977, (A) Black Caricatures 1980, (A) Teeth 1982, (A) Movie Caricatures (A) Anxiety 1991 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Kayhan Press, Ettelaat Press, Rastakhiz Newpaper, Ayandegan Newspaper, Ferdousi Magazine, Soroush Pub. Co., Talash Magazine, Toofigh Magazine, Caricature Magazine, Fokahioun Magazine, Film Magazine, Iran TV AWARDS: Silver Medal + 200000 Yen From Japan, Bronze Medal from Japan 1983, Many Diplomas from different Exhibitions 1975-91 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Nagsh Galeri 1975, Khaneh Afteb Galeri 1976,80, Sheikh Galeri 1977, Vesal Galeri 1970, Takhte Jamshid 1977, Open Show in Paris 1980, Museum of Modern arts-Tehran 1982, Ghazvin Museum 1983 GROUP SHOWS: House of Iran in Canada 1976, Takhte Jamshid Galeri 1977, Museum of Modern Arts 1981, Iran American Society 1978, Gothe Institute 1978 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Founding a monthly film magazine with 60000 circulation. Author Following books in China: History of Iranian Cinema, Bibliography of Cinema in Iran Vol l. ll., A Guide to Iranian Films for Children and Youth, A Guide to Iranian Short Film, Iranian Movie Posters CURRENT RESIDENCE: Tehran, Iran


Mercader, Jose

BIRTH: Monte Cristi, January 27, 1953 STUDY: Civil Engineering Catholic University-UCMM 1971-74; Psychology Universidad Autonoma UASD 1976-78 WORK: Art Director Alpha & Omega Editeurs 1978-81; Manager Huellas Editeurs 1981-88 SPECIALTY: Political/Social BIBLIOGRAPHY: Raul Perez Pena "Entre El Deber Yel Hacer" Listin Diario May 3, 1987; Mireya Castanede "Le Langage Universel de L'Humour" Gramma Hebdomadaire April 19, 1987; Ramon Colombo "I Pero Bueno...!" Kachibache March 20, 1985 BOOKS/FILMS: "Rio...Luego Existo" Garficolor Coiteurs 1983; "Abril" Buho Impresores 1985; "Dolar" Buho Impresores 1985; "Rigan Kid" Buho Impresores 1986; "Cana" Huellas Editors 1987 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Nuevo Diario; La Noticia; El Socialista; EGT - Unidad; El Campo Habla; Hablan Los Communistas; Huellas; Kachibache; Codia; Cepae; Croc; Safarir AWARDS: 2nd Prize "Concour Mord-Sud" Laval University, Canada 1988 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Gabrovo; San Antonio De Los Bands, Cuba; Tana, Nicaragua ONE-MAN SHOWS: Huellas '81 Cedee, Dominican Rep. 1982; Huellas '82, Casa de Teatro DR 1983; Caricaturas Electro-Rales, Nouveau, DR 1986 GROUP SHOWS: Sandino Vive, Nicaragua 1983; Tana, Nicaragua 1984; IV Biennial, Cuba 1985; The Yomiuri Mishun, Japan 1986; V Biennial, Cuba 1987; Expo Gabrovo, Bulgaria 1987; Piracicaba, Brazil 1987; Knokke-Heist, Belgium 1988; 25 Salon, Montreal 1988 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Member of the Jury in the V Exhibit of San Antonio De Los Banos, Cuba 1987; Four one-man shows in painting in Dominican Republic, two in Quebec, Canada; Eight group shows in painting. CURRENT RESIDENCE:Falardeau, QC, Canada


Miel, Prudencio Jr., Rosales (Deng Coy Miel)

BIRTH Catbalogan, Samar Philippines, May 30, 1964: STUDY: Fine Arts - Advertising & Painting University of the Philippines 1980-83 WORK: Staff Artists Jingle Clan Publications, Jingle Magazine Nov 1983-May 85; Animation Artist, Philippine Sesame Street Projet 1985; Editorial Cartoonist Philippines Daily Express May 1986-July 1986; Editorial Cartoonist Phils Today Inc., The Philippine Star July 1986- SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Samanang Kartunista Ng Pilipinas (Society of Philippine Cartoonists) BIBLIOGRAPHY: Lily Lim "An Idealistic Cartoonist" The Philippines Daily Express December 1984; "History of Philippine Comics" Roces Publications 1985 BOOKS/FILMS: (C) "Taking Liberties with the Lady" by Dani Aguila 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Malaya Newspaper "APO" comic strips; Veritas Magazine; "Mielbox" for The Philippines Daily Express & Weekend Magazine; Business Day Magazine; Sunday Malaya Magazine; Observer Magazine; "Pen & Ink" spot cartoonst, The Bulletin Today Newspaper AWARDS: 1st Prize, Best Editorial Cartoon 1984; 1st Prize Most Humorous Cartoon in the Annual Society of Philippine Illustrators & Cartoonists (SPIC) * the San Miguel Corporation Awards GROUP SHOWS: Society of Philippine Cartoonists Exhibit in Czechoslovakia 1985 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: 2nd Place entrance exams, University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, 1980; Outstanding citizen of Samar in the field of painting and sculpture, 1982 CURRENT RESIDENCE:Singapore


Mihatov, Mojmir

BIRTH: Zadar, September 27, 1952 STUDY: School of Art 1970; Academy of Art 1973 WORK: Puppet Theatre SPECIALTY: Caricature MEMBERSHIPS: Association of Caricaturists of Croatia PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Danas, Zagreb; Jez; Borba; Nin Beograd; Nedjeljna Dalmacija, Split; Oko; Vjesnik;Vecernjilist, Zagreb AWARDS: Gold Medal, Zagreb 1976; Bronze, Gabrovo 1977; Second Prize, Istanbul 1979; Ancona, 1981; Pescara 1982; Trento 1982; Duisburg, Germany 1984; Tokyo 1984; Belgrad 1985; Ancona 1983; Skopje 1986 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Japan, Italy, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia ONE-MAN SHOWS: Zadar 1979; Split 1979; Veika Gorica 1981 GROUP SHOWS: Montreal, Marostica 1975; Zadar, Split (Yugoslavia) 1976; Beograd, Zadar, Gabrovo, Skopje, Istanbul, Montreal, Knokke-Heist 1979; Montreal, Conegliano, Skopje 1980; Montreal, Tolentino, Bordighera, Ancona 1982; Montreal, Duisburg 1983; Montreal, Skopje, Belgrad 1984; Montreal, Ancona, Belgium 1985; Montreal, Skopje, Belgrad 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Zadar, Yugoslavia


Miles, John

BIRTH: Somerset, England August 21, 1934 STUDY: Yeovil Art School SPECIALTY: Caricature, Comic Strips, Illustration, Political/Social, Syndicated Panels, Light Verse BOOKS/FILMS: (A) Perkins Pantomime 1976; (A) Cat Tails 1977; (A) The Cats Whiskers 1979; (A) Cat Naps 1980 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Perkins Syndicated By the Register and Tribune Syndicate 1969-80, Other Characters Used By Various Magazines or Papers Are-"MicroMouse"Rumpuss, Depussy, Figures of Speech 1980-92; Provided Editorial Cartoons for the Island Press While Working in Bermuda 1964-67 AWARDS: Won Prizes at the Montreal Salon Of cartoons 1975-87 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Same as "Awards" ONE-MAN SHOWS: Planning Fine Art Exhibition to take place in two months time at the rural Life Museum in England Together with some Humorous Contributions OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Work on murals at Longleat House for Lord Weymouth in England 1967-70; Illustration Signwriting, 3M signs, Alphabet design, Logos etc. for the Island Press and Creative Signs in Bermuda 1964-67; Worked in Display Depts. for Large Companies, C+V Clark Ltd. and May + Baker Ltd. (Total 10yrs) CURRENT RESIDENCE:Somerset, England


Militaru, Virgil

BIRTH: Gaiesti, Romania October 15, 1955 STUDY: Secondary School for Fine Arts, Pitesti 1974; The Institute for Fine Arts, Bucuresti 1978 WORK: Drawing Teacher at No 9 School, Pitesti 1978- SPECIALTY: Caricature PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Urzica; Rebus; Flacara; Arges; Secera Si Ciocanul; Eulenspiegel, RDG; Palante, Cuba AWARDS: 1st Prize, Braila 1986; Grand Prize, Vaslui 1986; 1st Prize, Rm Vilcea 1986; 2nd Prize Bistrita 1987; 2nd Prize Costinesti 1987; U.A.P. Prize, Braila 1987; Mention, Urzica 1987; Excellence Prize, Tokyo 1986; 3rd Prize, Eskisehir 1987; Honorable Mention, Tokyo 1987 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Vaslui; Braila; Tokyo ONE-MAN SHOWS: Pitesti 1987, 88 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Debut in cartoon of press in 1985, 300 cartoons published in press, Debut in cartoon competitions in 1986, CURRENT RESIDENCE: Pitesti, Romania


Milton, Freddy

BIRTH: Viborg, Denmark April 18, 1948 STUDY: Teacher, Skive Seminarium, Teacher, 1975 WORK: Artist/Writer, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark 1986-90; Artist/Writer; Semic Press, Sweden 1980-85; Artist/Writer, Lego, Denmark, 1987-89 SPECIALTY: Comic Books, Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Danske Tegneserieskobere, Dansk Journalist Forbund, Danske Dagblaostegnere BIBLIOGRAPHY: Milton, Gnuff 1-5, Interpresse, 1985-91; Milton, 6 Albums, Boafabrikken, 1978-84; Milton, 3 Albums, Munksgaard, 1975-77; Milton, 3 Albums, Borgen, 1982-84; Milton, 1 Album, Lego, 1987; Milton, 4 Woody Albums, Interpresse, 1977-89 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Woody Woodpecker European Magazines, Donald Duck European Magazines, Ekstra Bladet Largest Newspaper, Danish Newpaper, Bulls Press-Service, "Critters" U.S. Magazine from Fantagraphics, Indonesian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Translations AWARDS: Diploma from interpresse, Initiative Award from Danish State office for Cultural Affairs 1973 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Swedish Academy of Comic Strip Art 1989 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Library Exhibitions Touring in Danish Libraries 1980s GROUP SHOWS: 2 Circulations Shows of Danish Cartoonists Visiting Swedn Finland and Italy OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Initiating Revised Library-Payment for public use of Comics-Albums CURRENT RESIDENCE:Allerod, Denmark


Mimura, Sadanori (Tei Mimura)

BIRTH: Kyoto, Japan, June 4, 1938 SURRENT RESIDENCE: Tokyo, Japan


Misjuk, Vadim

BIRTH: Moscow, Russia May 28, 1955 STUDY: Moscow Build. Institute 1978; Moscow Institute of Electronic Eng. 1980 WORK: Engineer, Moscow City Council 1980-83; Designer&Artist, Literaturnaya Gazeta 1983-84; Cartoonist, Free Lance, 1984-87; Cartoonist Independent from Russian 1991 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Magazine Gag, Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Deputy chairman of Association of Cartoon ONE-MAN SHOWS: Moscow 1983,85 GROUP SHOWS: Ctabrowo 1985, Moscow 1989 CURRENT RESIDENCE:Moscow, Russia


Morchoisne, J. C.

BIRTH: France, 1944 STUDY: Ecole Superieure D'art Graphic, Paris WORK: Editor Graphic Grins, Ltd. 1980-87 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration BOOKS/FILMS: (A,E) "Les Grandes Gueuies" 1982; "Les Animaux Qui Nous Gouvernent Tome (1)" 1983; "Les Animaux Qui Nous Gouvernent Tome (2)" 1984; "Les Animaux Qui Nous Gouvernent Tome (3)" 1985; "Quoi Choisir - So. ooo.ooode Grandes Gueuies" 1986; "Those Animals which Govern Us" 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Esquire; Time; Now; Sunday Times; Zoom; Graphis; European Illustrators; Japan Illustrators; Der Spiegel; Stern; Die Zeit; Brigitte; Playboy; Lui; Elle; Paris Match; L'Express; Le Point; Nouvel Observateur; Expansion; Marie-Claire; Jornald do Brazil; Realidad CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Sammung Karikaturen & Cartoons, Basel OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Advertising (France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland); Postcards; Teeshirts; Masks; Calendars CURRENT RESIDENCE: Farnham, Surrey, England


Morparia, Hemant Krishnaraj

BIRTH: Bombay, India February 17, 1962 STUDY: Medicine and Radiology G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital, Bombay M.B.; B.S.; D.M.R.D. 1984, 87 WORK: Resident Medical Officer KEM Hospital 1985-87 SPECIALTY: Comic Strips BOOKS/FILMS: The Penguin Book of Indian Cartoons, Ed. Abvabraham Penguin Publishers 1987 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Reader's Digest, India; The Times of India; The Evening News of India; The Indian Express; The Indian Post; The Illustrated Wekkly of India; Science Today; Femina; Care; Of Age; Al-Hind, Syria GROUP SHOWS: International Comic Strip Festival, Sierre, Switzerland 1987 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Won prizes in numerous national level intercollegiate competitions in the following disciplines: sketching, Painting, quiz, clay modelling, photography, poster making; Post graduate in medical speciality (Radiology); Sutdying along with Residency in hospital for M.D. Degree CURRENT RESIDENCE: Bombay, India


Moser, Hans

BIRTH: Switzerland, 1922 STUDY: Parsons School of Design, New York 1946-48; AWARDS: Gold Medal, Tolentino 1963; Gold Medal, Torino 1969; Silver medal, Skopje 1970; Golden Palm, Bordighera 1975 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Laax, Switzerland


Mosyenko, Sergey Sergeevich (Pavlyuk)

BIRTH: Evkalbpils, Soviet Union, June 15, 1948 STUDY: Novosibirsk Institut of Electotecnical engineering 1972 WORK: Design Instructor, Novosibirsk Institut of Electrotecnical Engineering 1972-75; Artistic Editor ECO Magazine 1975-86; Independent Artist 1986- SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Magazine Gag, Political/Social, Syndicated Panels MEMBERSHIPS: Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR; Member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: ECO Magazine; Crocodile Magazine; Aurora Magazine; Novosibirsk Publishing House AWARDS: Diploma of Tolentino 1987 GROUP SHOWS: Exhibitions of region, republic, and all-union, annually CURRENT RESIDENCE: Novosibirsk, Soviet Union


Mulatier, Jean

BIRTH: France, 1947 STUDY: Ecole Superieure D'art Graphic, Paris WORK: Editor Graphic Grins, Ltd. 1980-87 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration BOOKS/FILMS: (A,E) "Les Grandes Gueuies" 1982; "Les Animaux Qui Nous Gouvernent Tome (1)" 1983; "Les Animaux Qui Nous Gouvernent Tome (2)" 1984; "Les Animaux Qui Nous Gouvernent Tome (3)" 1985; "Quoi Choisir - So. ooo.ooode Grandes Gueuies" 1986; "Those Animals which Govern Us" 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Esquire; Time; Now; Sunday Times; Zoom; Graphis; European Illustrators; Japan Illustrators; Der Spiegel; Stern; Die Zeit; Brigitte; Playboy; Lui; Elle; Paris Match; L'Express; Le Point; Nouvel Observateur; Expansion; Marie-Claire; Jornald do Brazil; Realidad CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Sammung Karikaturen & Cartoons, Basel OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Advertising (France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland); Postcards; Teeshirts; Masks; Calendars CURRENT RESIDENCE: Paris, France


Muse, Kenneth Howard

BIRTH: Detroit, MI USA, April 28, 1925 STUDY: Meinzinger Art School, Detroit Certificate 1947 WORK: Asst. Art Director WJBK-TV, Detroit 1960-62; Inbetweener/Inker Group Productions, Detroit 1962-64; Syndicated Strip Cartoonist McNaught Syndicate, New York 1964-70; Art Professor Macomb Community College, Warren MI SPECIALTY: Caricature, Comic Strips BIBLIOGRAPHY: Syd Hoff, "Learning to Cartoon" Stravon Press 1970; Roy Paul Nelson "Humorus Illustration" Prentice Hall 1984 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Photo One" Prentice Hall 1972; "Photo Two" Prentice Hall 1974; "The Secrets of Professional Cartooning" Prentice Hall 1981; "The Total Cartoonist" Prentice Hall 1984; "Home Video Made Easy" Prentice Hall 1987; "Photo One-Second Edition" Prentice Hall 1987 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: McNaught Syndicate "Wayout"; Prentice Hall AWARDS: Art Director's Club of N.J., Award of the Year for Cover design on "The Secrets of Profession Cartooning" 1982 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Mt. Clemens, MI USA


Muzher, Hani Muzher

BIRTH: Iraq July 1, 1955 STUDY: Painting The Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad Diploma 1977 WORK: Cartoonist Al Rai Al Aam Newspaper, Kuwait 1979-84; Cartoonist Al Qabas Newspaper, Kuwait 1984- SPECIALTY: Animation PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Ministry of Inf., Kuwait; Ministry of Islamic Affairs; Kuwait Television; The Arabian Gulf States Joint Program Production Institution, Kuwait AWARDS: Gold Medal of the 15th Exhibition of the Kuwait Society 1983; Gold Medal of the 16th Exhibition of the Kuwait Society 1984; The Appraisal prize of the Arab artists exhibition 1985 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Gelgamish Exhibition 1982; The Second Personal Exhibitions 1987 GROUP SHOWS: Kuwait Society for Formative Arts 1982-86 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Designing book covers, internal paintings for many books, magazines etc; Designs cartoons for the traffic program "STOP" CURRENT RESIDENCE: Kuwait


Myers, David

BIRTH: London, England December 8, 1925 STUDY: Sir John Cass School of Art, St Martin's School of Art NDD 1951 WORK: Cartoonist London Evening News 1964-67 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag, Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain BOOKS/FILMS: (A) Children's books Andre Deutsch, Beaver Books 1987 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: London Evening News; Melbourne Argus; Punch AWARDS: Social & Political Cartoonist of the Year 1966 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: BBCI childrens TV series Sebastian the incredible drawing dog CURRENT RESIDENCE: Kent, England


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