International Who is Who in Cartooning

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Haag, Greg John (HUNTER)

BIRTH: Eltham, New Zealand, February 11, 1962 STUDY:Wellington College 1977; WORK: Signwriter SPECIALTY:Story Strips BOOKS/FILMS: (C) Strips Magazine 1982 THER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Presently in the process of launching a publishing business, specializing in the publication of indigenous cartoon material. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Auckland, New Zealand


Hachfeld, Rainer

BIRTH: Ludwigshafen, Germany STUDY: Master School of Arts and Crafts, W, Berlin 1956-60 WORK: Dramaturge for animated cart. UFA 1963-65; Editorial Cartoonist Spandauer Volksblatt 1965-66; Editor/Editorial Cartoonist Berliner Extra-Dienst 1967-79; Editor/Editorial Cartoonist Stern Magazine 1977; Editorial Cartoonist Der Abend 1980-81 SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: German Union of Journalists BIBLIOGRAPHY: Guido Zingerl "Graphical Analysis" Tendenzen, Munich 1972; Hugo Hernandez "Interview with R. Hachfeld" Alternativa, Bogota 1979; Jose Dos Santos "Dialogue with R. Hachfeld" Prisma, Havana 1980 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "The New Struwwelpeter" 1969; "Bananas and Cannons" 1978; "the I.G. Metal" 1991; (A/P) "Yankee Go Home" 1971; (A/E)"Book of Rats" 1975; (C) "Taking Liberty with the Lady" 1986; (C/E) "Peacemaker" 1987 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Pardon; Geo Magazine; Hamburger Rundschau; Konkret; Die Neue; die Tageszeitung; Tip; Cuba SI; Titanic; Medium; Metall; HFF; tendezen; die feder; ran; Nueva Sociedad; alternativa; Prensa Latina; Bohemia; ddt; Evening News; Rothco Cartoons Inc.; Cartoon-Caricature-Contor; Avnet Bildwand, Hamburg; Die Zeit, Hamburg; Der Spiegel, Hamburg; Eulenspiegel, Berlin; Neue Berliner Illustrierte, Berlin; Neues Deutschland, Berlin; World Press Review, USA; Journal of Commerce, USA; Newsweek, USA; Chicago Tribune, USA; Washington Post, USA; New York Times, USA; Political Pix, USA; Sacramento Bee, USA; Alternativa, Colombia AWARDS: First Prize International Cartoon Contest "Satire fighting for peace" Moscow 1973; First Prize International cartoon contest "The World for peace" Guadalajara 1982; First Prize Second International Contest of Antimperialist Cartoons, Managua 1984 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Museum of Humor; San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba ONE-MAN SHOWS: Paris 1961; Caracas 1971; Leipzig 1972; W. Berlin 1972; Caracus 1972; Mexico City 1972; W. Berlin 1978; Havana 1980; San Antonio, Cuba 1984; Oberhausen, Germany 1985; Managua 1985; Cologne, Germany 1989 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Author of theatre and radio plays for children, received "The Grimm Brothers Award" in 1969 for the play "Stakkerrlok and Millpilli", which was performed worldwide. Plays alto and tenor saxophone in a Latin and Modern Jazz group in Berlin CURRENT RESIDENCE: Berlin, Germany


Hackl, Michael

BIRTH: Geislingen, Germany, May 20, 1963 STUDY: Art, Volping Art School 1990-91 SPECIALTY: Animation, Carticature, Comic Books, Comic Strips MEMBERSHIPS: ICOM PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Freizeit Total, LightBlick, Comic-Journal, Fragile and Different Fan Manazines OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Paintings, Chairman of Kino Comunale (Cinema), Operater in Schlosstheater, Eislingen (Cinema), Advertising in Freelance CURRENT RESIDENCE: Heiningen, Germany


Hadvigova, Zuzana

BIRTH: Trencin, Czechoslovakia, August 10, 1953 STUDY: Secondary Technical School 1970-74 WORK: Technical Clerk K.P.T.O.S. 1978 SPECIALTY: Magazine gag AWARDS: Ancona 1977 GROUP SHOWS: Ancona, Istanbul, Montreal, Asti, Tokyo, Marostica, Knokke-Heist, Legnica, Bordighera, Kruishoutem, Amstelveen, Beringen CURRENT RESIDENCE: Trencin, Slovakia


Hagen, Roar

BIRTH: Orsta, Norway, April 15, 1954 STUDY: Graphic Design, Brundalen Vid. Skole 1975-78 WORK: Cartoonist Verdens Gang SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: The Drawing Art Association of Norway; The Norwegian Journalist Association PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: International Herald Tribune; The Boston Globe; The Washington Times; Globe and Mail; Montreal Gazette; Die Zeit; Suddeutsche Zeitung; The Japan Times; Nebelspalter, Switzerland; AWARDS: CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: ONE-MAN SHOWS: GROUP SHOWS: OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: CURRENT RESIDENCE:


Hakobin, Yuri

BIRTH: Riga, Latvia, March 21, 1945 STUDY: Yerevan State University M.S. 1969 WORK: Assistant Editor "Reborn Armenia" 1988-89 SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Yerevan Club of Cartoonists; Association of Cartoonists of the U.S.S.R. PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Literatarnaga Armeni; Garun; Vozni; Kult.-Lus; Armenia Today; Avrora; Ogni Alatau; Sirp ja vazar; Szpilki CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: House of Humor, Gabrovo; State Museum of Ethnography of Armenia, Sardarakad GROUP SHOWS: Yerevan; 1977-; Gabrovo 1979; Montreal 1981; Marostica 1983; Leningrad 1983,85; Tokyo 1983; Vilnius 1986; Lominakan 1986; Alma-Ata 1988; Warsovie 1988 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Study of Critical History of Soviet graphical humour and cartoon CURRENT RESIDENCE: Armenia


Halas, John

BIRTH: Budapest, April 16, 1912 WORK: SPECIALTY: Animation MEMBERSHIPS: ASIFA; Fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designerst; Fellow of the British Kinematograph Sound & Television Society; (President) British Federation of Film Societies BOOKS/FILMS: (P) "The Owl and the Pussycat" 1951; "Cinerama Holiday" 1957; "The Living Screen" 1965; "Animal Farm" 1954; "Autobahn" 1979; "Dilemma" 1981; "Players" 1982; "Doctor in the Sky" ; "A New Vision: The Life and Work of Botticelli" 1984; "Leonardo Da Vinci"; "Toulouse-Lautrec" 1985; "Masters of Animation" Series; (C) "Animated Film"; "How to Cartoon"; "The Technique of Film Animation"; "Design and Motion"; "Film and TV Graphics"; "Full Length Animated Feature Films"; Timing for Animation"; (A) "Computer Animation"; "Visual Scripting"; "Graphics in Motion"; "Masters of Animation"; Animation Terminology" PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Novum; UNESCO Film & TV Section AWARDS: Annie Award OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Awarded the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty the Queen CURRENT RESIDENCE: London, England


Halász, Géza (ZU)

BIRTH: Szolnok, July 23, 1947 STUDY: Karl Marx University of Economics 1971 WORK: Teacher of Inormatics 1972-1986; Chief editor of "Sza'malk" 1986- SPECIALTY: Caricature BIBLIOGRAPHY: Cse'pai-Quittner "Bit-Les" Sza'malk 1987 BOOKS/FILMS: (E) "The Computer is also Human" International Cartoon Exhibition 1988; "Gozgazda'sz" Negyed Szazad disk humora 1973 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Kozgazdasz; Impulzus AWARDS: Special award 1987; 1st Prize 1988 ONE-MAN SHOWS: University 1971,74 GROUP SHOWS: Digit-art 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Budapest, Hungary


Halky, Graham Paul (Gramsky)

BIRTH: New Rochelle, NY, USA, July 15, 1946 STUDY: Iona College B.A. 1968; School of Visual Arts 1969 WORK: A.D./PR Edward Gottlieb & Associates; Head Illustrator, King Features Syndicate 1979-83; A.D. Licensing King Features Syndicate 1983-86 SPECIALTY: Comic Strips/Licensing MEMBERSHIPS: Art Director's Club; U.S. Institute of Theatre Technology; National Improvesational Theatre BOOKS/FILMS: (C) "Hints from Heloise" 1980; 81 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: King Features Syndicate OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Desgined Xmas tree for Channel 13 for 1979-11' high with all of the characters from Alice in Wonderland on it. Designed the following parade balloons: Betty Boop Ballon; the Olive Oyl Sweet Pea ballon; the Felix the Cat Balloon; the Hogan Balloon; and the Sarge Balloon (of Beetle Bailey) CURRENT RESIDENCE: New York, NY, USA


Hamad, Abou Nabil

BIRTH: Haifa, April 2, 1939 STUDY: Beirut College of Fine Arts B.A. 1965 WORK: Art Director for Al Hawadeth Magazine 1975- SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Association of British Illustrators; Guitty Talberg Illustrations Agency BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Face Facts" Cygnus 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Radio Times; Arista Records; Al Hawadeth Magazine ONE-MAN SHOWS: Maria Andipa Icon Gallery 1983; Moody Graphics 1981 GROUP SHOWS: British Illustrators At Langton Gallery 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: London, England


Hamilton, Ernest Marcus

BIRTH: Lexington, NC, USA, February 9, 1943 STUDY: Comm. Art Atlantic Christian College B.S.A. 1965 WORK: Staff Artist Jefferson Standard Broadcasting 1965-1967; Illustrator Steve Galit Associates 1967-1971; Illustrator Graphics Group 1971-72; Freelance illustrator 1972- SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Society of Illustrators PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Saturday Evening Post; Golf Digest; Changing Times; Medical Economics; Golf Magazine; Skiing Magazine; Cosmopolitan; Good Housekeeping; Science Digest; Scholastic Publications; Tennis Magazine AWARDS: Society of Illus. 1972,73,86 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Davidson Country Art League 1979 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Charlotte, NC, USA,


Hanel, Walter (Hanel)

BIRTH: CSFR/Teplitz-Schonau, September 14, 1930 STUDY: Graphic arts/ Kolner Werkkunstschule, Meisterschuler 1953-59 SPECIALTY: Political/Social BIBLIOGRAPHY: Wilhelm Flues "...und Kopfe und Krahen und Kroten" WDR-TV Koln May 5, 1987; Peter Langer "Galerie" WDR-TV Koln April 1, 1980; Dr. Mathias Schreiber "Traurige Narren" Frankfurter Allgemeine Ztg. February 20, 1988 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Hanel's Kabinettstuckchen" 1983; "Hanel's Kabinettstuckchen" 1984; "Hanel's Kabinettstuckchen" 1985; "Hanel's Kabinettstuckchen" 1986; "Hanel's Scenarium" 1987; "Comedia dell'Arte", Wilhelm-Busch-Gesellschaft 1988; "Hanel's Wiedervereinigung", Econ Verlag Dusseldorf 1990; "Hoppla, wir sind wieder mehr", Econ Verlag Dusseldorf 1991 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; Spiegel; Kolner Stadtanzeiger; Rheinischer Merkur; Impulse; Hannoversche Allgemeine; Cartoonist & Writers Sydicate, New York AWARDS: Wilhelm Busch Preis 1987; Thomas Nast Prize 1989; Goldmedal Satyrikon, Legnica 1990 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Wilhelm-Busch-Museum, Hanover; Kunsthistorische Sammlung, Gottingen; Haus der Geschichte, Bonn; Monchehaus Museum, Goslar ONE-MAN SHOWS: Wilhelm-Busch-Museum, Hanover 1988; Monchehaus Museum, Goslar 1988; Kunsthistorische Sammlung, Gottingen 1989; Galerie Kramer, Hamburg 1990 GROUP SHOWS: Several different national and international OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Published two collections of prints of fine art: "Basso continuo" 1988 and "Hanel's Bestiarium" published by Edition pro, Germany. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Gladbach 1, Germany


Hans, Dierick

BIRTH: Bellegem, Belgium, March 18, 1952 STUDY: Interior Architect St. Lucas Gent, Designer 1976; Graphic Designer, 1976 WORK: Designer Furniture, Graphic Designer Cartoonist 1977-present SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Political/Social PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: News Paper "Het Nievwsblad", "Het Volk" AWARDS: Knokke, Heist 1980, Beringen 1984, Knokke.Heist 1986, Gent 1990, Beringen 1991 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Bellegen, Belgium



BIRTH: Kortryk, Belgium, May 13, 1958 STUDY: Mordern Languages, Economics, (Sociale Economics), A1, 1975-77 WORK: Professional Artist Sins 1981; First of all Comic Designer, later painter. SPECIALTY: Comic Strips BOOKS/FILMS: (A)Brugs Kaartspel Aid 1984-85; Awtwerps Kartspel & Gewts Kaartspel 1985; Brugge in Miniatuur (Bruggs in Miniature) 1986;(E) Sprookjes vaw spyt 1986; Film: Made by Xavier Deguchteneere Brugies About Comics and my Comics and my Comic Work. PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Beve Bees 1978, Zuid Nederlands 1978, Zie Magazine 1979, TV Ekspres 1979, Sater 1979, Vlaams Weekblad 1979, Het Volk 1980, Kerier 1980, Publi shop 1980,Burgs Handelsblad 1980, Nievwsblad 1981, Stad Brugge 1981, Wievwe Blikopener 1982, Nievwe Reflector 1982, De Standaard 1982, Het latste Nievws 1984, Knack Magazine 1985, Trends Magazine 1985, Volksmacht 1986, Gazit Vaw Antwerpen 1988,Coast Wews 1984, Now a professional painter. CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Knokke Heist Canada (Montreal) ONE-MAN SHOWS: Koncertgebouw Brugge 1980; Stad Nievwpoort 1984 GROUP SHOWS: International Cartoon Festival Montreal 1984-1988; Knokke Heist 1983-86; Kruishontem 1984; Damme First Preis 1979; Zon Hoven Second Preis and Press Preis 1988 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Government West Ulaanderew Belgie/ Yegudi Menhin/Brt Stad Brugge/ Ministeries Belgium/Young European groups/ and have an International European Merchandising (Printed on (100 products over 20 countries) CURRENT RESIDENCE: Brugge, Belgie


Haramija, Ivan (Hans)

BIRTH: Prelog, Croatia, April 28, 1946 STUDY: Pedagogical Academy of Arts 1968 WORK: Mangaer "Podravka" 1980 SPECIALTY: Caricature; Comic Books MEMBERSHIPS: Croatian Society of Visual Arts; Croatian Society of CartoonistsBIBLIOGRAPHY: "Prst U Oko " Biblioteka Podravski Zbornik 1981 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Finger in the Eye" 1981; "At the Target" 1990 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Pikac; Vjesnik; Vecternji List; Pavliha; Feferon; Jez; Osten; Karika; Dnevnik; Pardon; Paradoks; Ludas Matyi; Kerempuh; Jez; Cvorak; Podravka; Pomet; Glas Podravine; Medimurje; Wit; Brodolom AWARDS: "PJER" Belgrad 1977,88,88; "Tone Perusko" Zagreb 1977,88; Slavonski Brod 1982; Duisburg 1982; Vercelli 1984; Marostica 1984,88,90; Skopje 1986,88; Legnica 1986; Anglet 1986; Split 1987; Sarajevo 1989; Sofia 1989; Sibenik 1991; Zelina 1991; Siauliai 1990; Cuneo 1990; Ancona 1991; Imotski 1988,89 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Tolentino, Italy ONE-MAN SHOWS: Prelog 1968; Donja Dubrava 1974; Cakovec 1975; Koprivnica 1977; Varazdin 1977; Sisak 1977; Cakovec 1978; Varazdin 1983; Zagreb 1985; Slavonski Brod 1983; Koprivnica 1989 GROUP SHOWS: Ljubljana, Beograd, Skopje, Slavonski Brod, Sarajevo, Kragujevac, Athenes, Gabrovo, Istanbul, Montreal, Tolentino, Marostica, Asti, Bordighera, Knokke-Heist, Tokyo, Osaka, Ancona, Amstelveen, Beringen, Legnica, Pistoia, Zagreb, Koprivnica, Duisburg CURRENT RESIDENCE: Koprivnica, Croatia


Hardi, Volmer

BIRTH: Parnu, Estonia, November 8, 1957 STUDY: State Art Institute WORK: Film Director Tallinnfilm 1984- SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag GROUP SHOWS: Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Japan CURRENT RESIDENCE: Parnu, Estonia


Hardman, Paul Ritson

BIRTH: Liverpool, England, January 21, 1947 STUDY: St. Marys College, Lon. Univ. , Teachers Certificate 1965-68; Innstitute Of Ed. Lon. Univ Post. Grad. Dip. of Ed. 1980-82 WORK: Teacher ILEA 1972-84; Freelance Cartoonist 1984- SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: National Union of Journalists; Cartoonist Club of Great Britain BOOKS/FILMS: (C) Television commercials; Sainsbury's Training Films & Manuals PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Paul Raymond Pub.; Reader's Digest; I.P.C. Comics; Tony Cuthbert Cartoons; B.B.C. Publications; AWARDS: British Cartoonists of the Year (Best New Strip) 1982; 7th Prize World Kartoonale Knokke-Heist 1984 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Werld Kartoonale Humour House, Knokke-Heist GROUP SHOWS: Beringen 1984,85,86; Amstelveen 1984,85; Knokke-Heist 1984,85; Bulgaria 1986 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Active Founder member of Federation of European Cartoon Organizations. Public Relations officer for Cartoonists Club of Great Britain CURRENT RESIDENCE: London, England


Hartmann, Regula

BIRTH: Bern, Switzerland, February 19, 1941 STUDY: Medicine 1970 WORK: Freelance SPECIALTY: Caricature BIBLIOGRAPHY: Contraception TV-Lieu 1978 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) 'Kabeltranme' 1984; "Familien Gande" 1986; "Katrereien" 1986; "Munde" 1986; "Satire - Cartoon Kalender" 1986; "Kaushalt" 1987 GROUP SHOWS: Milano 1986; Tries 1986; Kamel 1987 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Basel, Switzerland


Haryadi, Agung Lukis

BIRTH: Surakarta, Indonesia, May 19, 1963 STUDY: Fine arts Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP) 1986 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Kompas daily newspaper; Sinar Harapan daily newspaper; Mutiara magazine; Kedaulatan Rakyat daily newspaper; Anda Psychology magazine; Suara Karya daily newspaper; Suara Merdeka daily newspaper; Wawasan daily newspaper; Hai magazine; Humor magazine AWARDS: Citation the VIII Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest 1986 GROUP SHOWS: National Cartoon Exhibition in Semarang 1984, 85; 25th Wereldkartoenale, Knokke-Heist 1986; Jawa tengah cartoon exhibition in TIM, Jakarta 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Surakarta, Indonesia


Hasenpusch, Wolfgang

BIRTH: Marne, Germany, September 13, 1947 STUDY: Chemistry University Kiel Dr. 1976; Graphic Arts & Design Sao Paulo 1980; Caricature Inst. Darmstadt 1978 WORK: Leader of Chemical Plant 1976- SPECIALTY: Animation MEMBERSHIPS: CCC-Munich BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Computereien" Haag & Herchen Verl. 1982,83,84 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Etz; Laser; Praktiker; ZFK; Computer Schan; Bit; Deike-Vel; Degussa AG; Chemiker-Detunig; Cheumi fur Labor u Betmin; H.O. ONE-MAN SHOWS: Gelnhausen 1985; Bad Soden-Salhunster 1985; Schluchtern 1986 GROUP SHOWS: Beinnale Sao Paulo 1980; Cartoonal Knokke-Heist 1980, 81, 83. 84 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Teacher for course of "Humor-Painting" in evening schools for adults since 1983 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Hanau, Germany


Haward, Jonathan

BIRTH: Norwich, Norfolk, England, August 18, 1965 STUDY: Printing/Graphic Design, Lowestoft College of Further Education WORK: Michelli Cox Marketing & Advertising, 1984-86; Freelance 1986-present SPECIALTY: Comic Books, Comic Strips and Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Society of Strip Illustraton BIBLIOGRAPHY: Frank Hampson "Dan Dare" Eagle Fleetway Publications Pub. 1950-59; Frank Bellemy "Thunderbirds/Garth" Mirror Group Papers, Fleetway; Walt Disney BOOKS/FILMS: (A) Frank Miller, Dark Knight Batman; (P) George Lucas, Star Wars/Indianna Jones 1977-80; (P) Walt Disney Snow White and Seven Dwarfs 1935; Don Lawrence Artist of Storm and The Rise and Jall of the Trojan Empire; Steven Speilburg Close Encounters of The Third Kind Film PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Harrier Comics, Fleetway Publications, Potystyle Publications, Studio Publications, Accord cards, Fantail Publishing, Scholastic Publishing, Hippo books, Results Marketing, N.F.E.R. Nelson, Philip and Tracey LTD, Natwest bank, Henderson Publishing LTD., World International, Eagle Comic, Postman Pat Picture, T.M. N. Turtles, Avalon (Diana), Joke Books, Activity books Annuals, Board Games. Story Books OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Characters (licensed) drawn Sylvanian families, Postman Pat, Charlie Chalk, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Dan Dare, Sooty, Strupey and Curley, World Saver, Bony Skeleton, Victor Vampire CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lowestoft Suffolk, England


Heller, Joseph Lawrence (JOE HELLER)

BIRTH: Oshkosh, WI, USA, August 17, 1954 STUDY: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee B.F.A 1979 WORK: Edit. cartoonist West Bend News 1980-85; Edit. Cartoonist Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985- SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Assoc of American Editorial Cartoonists PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: TIME, Newsweek; The New Republic; The New York Times; Playboy AWARDS: 2nd Place Best Cartoons in Community Papers 1986; Outstanding Civil Liberties in Journalism 1986 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Neville Public Museum 1987 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Green Bay, WI, USA


Heng, Kim Song

BIRTH: Singapore, June 7, 1963 STUDY: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Diploma in Business Studies 1983 WORK: Designer Giftrend Designs & Prductions 1986- SPECIALTY: Political/Social PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: International Herald Tribune; Montreal Gazette; Asahi Shimbun; World Press Review; Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate; Lianhe Zaobao; Straits Times AWARDS: 1st prize in Singapore's Cartoon Drawing competition organized by Ministry of Culture & ESSO 1983 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Cartoons purchase by AT&T and Ministry of Culture CURRENT RESIDENCE: Singapore


Henniger, Barbara

BIRTH: Dresden, Germany, November 9, 1938 STUDY: Architecture, Technische Hochschule Dresden 1956-58 WORK: Redakteur Sachsiseges Tageblah, journalist 1959-67, Since 1968 free Cartoonist SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Magazine Gag, Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: FECO, Cartoonfabrik Kopenick-Germany BIBLIOGRAPHY: Gisela Blank "Barbara Henniger", Bildende Kunst 1986 BOOKS/FILMS: (A)Barbaras Praktische Linke Evlenspiegel Verlag 1977;JM Paradies and Anderswo Evlenspeigel Verlag 1987, (C)Spitzen 1980, Satiricum 1980; Konterrevoution, Evlenspiegel Verlag 1990; Mull Problemo, Elefanten Press 1990; Skona Skamt, Bokforlagetbra Bocker 1985; The Cartoon Aid Olympic Book, artoon Aid LTD. 1988; DEr Doppelte Michel, Suddeutscher Verlag 1990; Flitterwochen 1991 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Cartoonists and writers synicate New York, Waller and Hanisch Dussel Dore Agentur, Eulenspiegel Magazine Berlin, Wochenpost Newspaper Berlin AWARDS: Golden Hut 1985, Kunstpreis Derdor 1984, Golden Gothaer Gottingen 1991, Prize Olympic Cartoon Competition Tallinn 1980, Prize of International Festival of Comics and Caricature Algier 1987, Press Prize Gabrouo 1987 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Satirum Greiz (Germany), Cartoonale Knokke (Belgium)ONE-MAN SHOWS: Tallinn 1985, Berlin 1980, Potsdam 1988, Warszawa 1988, Bonn-Konigswinter 1990 GROUP SHOWS: Paris & Berlin 1990, Gottingen/Berlin 1991, St. Esteve (France) 1990, Bonn (Germany) 1991 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Vice-Chairman of Kopenicker Cartoon Fabrik, President of German FECU Group CURRENT RESIDENCE: Strausberg, Germany


Herman, Vic

BIRTH: Fallriver, MA, USA, May 12, 1919 STUDY: Art Students League, NYC 1937; Commercial Illustration School NYC 1938 WORK: Ass't Art Director Warner Bros. Studios 1938-40; Staff Artist Denker, Johnson, Fleck-Advtg 1940-43; Artist/Field Correspondent Yank Mag. and Stars and Stripes 1943-46; Pres/Production Chief Vic Herman Productions 1947-70; Staff Illus. and Corresp. Hearst, N.Y. Times, Reader's Digest, Golden Books 1950- SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: National Cartoonists Society; Southern California Cartoonists Society; San Diego Press Club BIBLIOGRAPHY: Who's Who in American Art 1943; John Steele "Winnie the Wac is Back" Life Magazine March 19, 1945; Frederick Whitaker "Vic Herman, Ambassador with a Brush" American Artists magazine 1974 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Winnie the Wac" David McKay Pub. 1945; "Pardon My Sex, Doctor" Farrell Pub. Co. 1946; "The Fat Boy" Prentice Hall Pub. Co. 1947; "My Days are Made of Butterflies" Holt, Rinehart, Winston 1970; "God and Mr. Gomez" Reader's Digest 1975; "Juanito's Railroad in the Sky" Golden Books 1976; "Sunday in Zamora Park" Holt, Rinehart, Winston 1978 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Saturday Evening Post; Colliers; Ladies Home Journal; Redbook; Esquire; Parents; This Week; New York Times Book Review; Parade; Liberty; Judge; King Features; Saturday Review of Literature; Look; Gourmet; American Legion; Medical Economics; Cosmopolitan; Yank; Stars and Stripes; Harvey Comics; Tobey Press; Farrell Publs; Prentice Hall; Family Circus; Woman's Day; Argosy; Cartoon Characters: "Winnie the Wac"; "Elsie the Cow"; "Reddy Kilowatt"; "7-UP Sam"; "Lernda Lesson"l "Roscoe"; "Al Vann"; "Keg and Case"; "Sad Shad"; "Mike Master"; "Two Dollar Joe"; "Will Selmore" "Hy Proof"; "Bert Brew" AWARDS: NY Daily Mirror 1944; Commendation Medal US Army 1946; Proclamation NYC 1946; Best in Industry -Sonotone 1952; NCS Service Awartd 1965; Proclamation, New Rochelle 1965; Medallion of Honor San Diego Bicentennial 1969; Showcase Award Children's Book Council 1976; Printing Industry Award 1976; Best Children's Book Children's Book Council 1976; Proclamation City of Del Mar 1978 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Pres. F.D. Roosevelt Collection, Hyde Park NY; Pres. Ron. Reagan White House Collection; Ohio State University; Syracuse University; Art Students League NYC; Pratt Institute; Museum Cartoon Art Port Chester, NY; San Diego Art Combo ONE-MAN SHOWS: Gimbels Dept. Store, NYC 1965; Miami Int'l Week 1967; San Diego Art Institute 1968; United Calif. Bank 1969; Columbia University 1969; May Co. Dept Store St Louise 1970; Calif . Museum of Science & Industry 1973; San Francisco Art Expo 1981; San Diego City Hall 1984; Del Mar Expo-Fair 1985; United States International University 1985; Chicago Press Club 1976 GROUP SHOWS: David Field Gallery NYC 1953; McIntyre Gallery, Palm Springs 1980; Dana Gallery San Diego 1983; Exner Gallery Rancho Bernardo CA 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Del Mar, CA, USA,


Herrera, Diego Alfredo (YAYO)

BIRTH: El Golegio (Cuninamaria), Colombia, May 18, 1961 STUDY: Commercial Art SENA B.F.A. 1982; Publicity Univ. Jorge Tadeo Zozeno B.A. 1983 WORK: Cartoonist El Tiempo 1983-85; Cartoonist Diners 1983-; Cartoonist El Espectador 1986-; Cartoonist El Fuete 1985- SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: Taller Del Humor BIBLIOGRAPHY: Angel Beccassmo "YAYO's Large Solitary Spaces" El Espectado Magazin Dominical August 24, 1986; German Hernandez "YAYO, with License to Make Fun" El Espectador December 21, 1986; Angela M Ganzales "YAYO Show His Nails" El Espectador December BOOKS/FILMS: (C) "Spotlights on American English" 1987; "Dejemorlos de Vainas" 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: El Espectador; El Tiempo; Diners; Educacion y Cultura; WC Magazin; The Quill; El Fuete; WittyWorld AWARDS: National Contest of Cartoons 1983; Simon Bolivar Prize of Cartoons 1985; Silver Medal 8th Mostra Internazionale Disegno Umoristico Sportivo (Italy) 1985; Citation, The 8th Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest 1986 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Museo Del Humor De San Antonio de Los Bantos (Cuba); House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo; Centro Colombo Americano Bogota ONE-MAN SHOWS: Cartoons for Peace, Peace Garden Manitoba Canada 1985; Cartoons of YAYO Brandon University Brandon Canada 1985; Cartoons of YAYO, Pereira Colombia 1986 GROUP SHOWS: Colombian Illustration 1984; Colombian Cartoonistes 1985; Black Humor 2nd Erotic 1985; 100 Years of Art/100 Cartoons 1986; Cartoons and Art, Museo de Arte Comtemporaneo, Bogota 1986; Graphic Humor, Cali 1986; Humour & Turbines 1986; Graphic Humour, Neiva 1986; Colombian Humour, Roldanilb 1986; Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria; Canada; Cuba; Itally; and Japan CURRENT RESIDENCE: Bogota 3, Colombia


Hesselager, Haakon

BIRTH: Tonder, Jutland, Denmark, April 14, 1922 STUDY: Painting Age Handest, Arhus 1943-46; Black and White Art Rostrup Boyesen, Copenhagen 1946-49 WORK: Journalist Arhus Amtstidende 1944-46; Journalist Fyens Stiftstidende 1946-47; Cartoonist Kobenhavn 1947-51; Cartoonist Vestkysten 1956- SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Danske Bladtegnere; Dansk Journalistforbund (Association of Danish Journalist) BIBLIOGRAPHY: "Danske Bladtegnere" (Film) The State of Denmark 1983; "Sketches from the Liberation of Denmark 5.5.1945" Danish Television May 5, 1985 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Haskop Hesselager-'Sketch-Book'" 1979; (P) "Vestkysten: The Year in Sketches" 1973-75; (P) "From the Sketch-Book of Haakon Hesselager" Danish Television 1983; (E) Hans Edward Norregard-Nielsen: Avisens handskrift (The Handwriting of the Newspaper) 1983 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: "Svikmollen"; Danish Television; "Guide in Arts"("Kunstvejviser"); AWARDS: Award from Danske bladtegnere (Danish Cartoonists) 1962; Award from Danish Cartoonists and the Association of Danish Journalists for "to an especially high extent-having raised the qualitative aspect of the press in an artistic way" 1983 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Museum of Arts, South-Jutland(Esbjerg, Denmark) ONE-MAN SHOWS: Museum of arts in South Jutland 1983; Danish Galleries, Churches and Factories 1970-87 GROUP SHOWS: All the exhibitions of "Danish Cartoonists" in Danish and European Cities 1963- OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Humorous causeries in "Vestkysten" and other newspapers and magazines, short-stories, especially about children in magazines and radio, descriptions of nature in the newspaper "Berlingske Tidende" illustrated by sketches CURRENT RESIDENCE: Eshjerg, Denmark


Higdon, Bruce

BIRTH: Murfreesboro, TN, USA, November 28, 1950 STUDY: Middle Tennessee State University B.A. 1972; US Army Command and General Staff College M.S. 1984 WORK: Major US Army 1972-; Cartoonists Morning Press 1981-84; Cartoonist Herald News 1984-85; Staff Cartoonist/Illustrator Randall Publishing Co. 1985- SPECIALTY: Caricature MEMBERSHIPS: National Press Club; National Cartoonist Society; Country Music Association; Sigma Delta Chi; Society of Professional Journalists; Association of US Army; Reserve Officers Association; National Press Foundation; Graphic Artists Guild; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Tau Delta; Public Relations Society PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Greater Homes; Aviation USA; Truckers; Overdrive; Contractors Market; Dynamic Years; Great Expectations; Courier; Army Times; Soldiers; ARMY; Air Force Times'; Business Executive; Herald News; CBS Television; Patriot; Daily News Journal; Hinesville Courier AWARDS: Murfreesboro Arts Medal 1984; Certificate of Achievment 1983; Scroll of Appreciation 1983; 1st Place Illustration 1984; 2nd Army Award of Excell. 1987 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: University of Ohio; Middle Tennesse State University; University of South Mississippi; Emery's Fine Art Gallery ONE-MAN SHOWS: New York 1984; Murfreesboro 1983 GROUP SHOWS: NCS, New York 1984,85 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Act as resource for the city school system, particularly the gifted children program. Classes are conducted in philosophy and technique, to the students, Have been awarded many medals and certificates in the military. Still in Public Affairs Officer for the 125th Army Reserve Command. Work with local charities, designing T-shirts, caricatures, and posters for various events. CURRENT RESIDENCE:Murfreesboro, TN, USA


Higell, Claude Pierre

BIRTH: Vitry s/Seine, France, May 5, 1927 STUDY: Ecole de Beaux Arts et Arts Appliques Paris Nenilly 1946-47 SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Grand Maitre de La Confrerie du "Guingasson" (Decoration for Humorists); Bic Master of Brotherhood of "Guingasson" (Little Nail in Bordeaux) BOOKS/FILMS: (A/E) "Contes Saugrenus" (Uncouth Tales) Series "Le Saretier et L'oiseau" (The Cobbler and the Bird) 1984; "Le Sultan Despote" (The Despotick Sultan) 1985; "Le Pharaon Irlandais" (The Irish Pharao) 1985; "Vin en Soucoupe" (Wine in Flying Saucer) 1986; "Le Fils du Pirate" (The Son of the Pirate) 1986; "Les dents de la Grand Mer" (The Phoah of the Grand Mother) 1987; "Le Tresor de 'Koulapik'" (The Treasure of Koulapik) 1988 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Bordeaux 1977 GROUP SHOWS: Bordeaux 1972, Paris Strasbourg, Quebec; Pessac 1988; St Just Le Martel; Guetwitter OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Stone Sculpture Monument in Memory of Alienor d'Aquitaine Queen of France and Great Britain (1123.1204) in Belin Gironde, France CURRENT RESIDENCE: Le Taillan, France


Higgins, Thomas Joseph

BIRTH: Far Rockaway, NY, USA, November 21, 1922 STUDY: Cartoonists and Illustrators School (School of Visual Arts NY) 1952 WORK: Freelance SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: Southern California Cartoon Society PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Saturday Evening Post; Argosy; Theatre Arts; Parade; Extension; Iron Age; ACF Wheels; Todays Woman; Victorian; Jobber Topics; Paper Trade Journal; Outboard Progress; Mill and Factory; Army Times; Good Humor; Law and Order Magazine; Exhaust; Telephone Engineer; Dry Cleaners News; American Milk Review; Electronic Technician; Perkins Glue Line; New Jersey Outdoors; Modern Materials Handling; The Children's Friend; The Chicago Purchasor; Marking Industry; The Pastor; Hardware Age; The Byte Buyer; Beverage Journal; Texas Textile Mills AWARDS: Blue Ribbon at Oxford County Fair, Norway Maine CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Special Collections Dept, The George Arents Research Library; Syracuse University GROUP SHOWS: So. California Exposition Cartoon Cavalcade, Del Mar CA 1964; Two Cartoons in the IBM "Think" travelling Exhibition CURRENT RESIDENCE: San Diego, CA, USA


Hill, Frank Richard

BIRTH: September 10, 1929 STUDY: Academy of Art College SF B.A. 1950's; Hartnell College Salinas CA WORK: Self employed SPECIALTY: Comic Books/Strips MEMBERSHIPS: National Cartoonist Society BIBLIOGRAPHY: Warner Bros. "Bugs Bunny" NEA Comic Strip; Sullivan "Felix the Cat" Scholastic King Features; Ketchem "Dennis the Menace" Fawcett, Comic Books 1975,65 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "The Joys of Collecting" Wallace Homestead Pub. 1986; "Kung Fu for Kids" Ohara Publ. 1985; "Smarts Is" Determined Productions 1985; (C) "The Wizards Workshop" Animated Educational Film 1987; (C) "Felix the Cat and His Magic Bag: Scholastic Publishing 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Register & Tribune Syndicate; "Senator Gassius"; Newspaper Enterprise Assn.; "Short Ribs"; NEA; Warner Bros.; "Bugs Bunny" CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Ohio State University OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Active as a toy designer for Determined Productions of San Francisco. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Soquel, CA, USA


Hill, Stephen Wayne (Shill)

BIRTH: Corcoran, CA, USA, January 8, 1956 STUDY: Commercial Art Arkansas State University B.S. 1974-78 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: Cartoonist Guild; Jonesboro Fine Arts Council BIBLIOGRAPHY: Hazel Ashcraft "His Pen and Humor Make a Good Mix" Jonesboro Sun Aug 85 BOOKS/FILMS: (C) "Parents Opening Doors" Nov 85; "Animals of the Ark" Nov 86 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Modern Cartooning; TV Preview; Jonesboro Sun; Cartoon Carnival; Good Humor; Cartoon Capers; General Aviation News; Soap Opera Digest; Easyriders; High Society; Garret Publications; Letters Magazine AWARDS: R.O.S.E. Care Volunteer Service Award 1983,84 GROUP SHOWS: 1978 Student Art Exhibit/Arkansas State University CURRENT RESIDENCE: Jonesboro, AR, USA


Hillar, Mets

BIRTH: Tallin 1954 WORK: Chief Designer Humor Magazine "Pikker" SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag AWARDS: Prize Ancona 1985 GROUP SHOWS: Tallin; Ancona; Gabrovo; Knokke-Heist; Kragujevac; Tolentino; Marostica; Skopje; West Berlin CURRENT RESIDENCE: Tallin, Estonia


Hoest, Bill

BIRTH: USA, February 7, 1926-1988 STUDY: Arts Cooper Union NYC 1949 WORK: Creative Consultant Norcross Greeting Cards 1948-51; Freelance Cartoonist 1951- SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: National Cartoonist Society; Cartoonist Association; Features Council BOOKS/FILMS: "The Lockhorns" (15 books); "Agatha Crumm" (6 books); "Bumper Snickers" (3 books); "Howard Huge" PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Parade Magazine; King Features; National Enquirer; Ladies Home Journal; Playboy; Good Housekeeping; Family Circle; Cosmopolitan AWARDS: Reuben (magazine) 1977; Reuben (Synd. Panel) 1975, 80; Doctor of Letters Wm Penn College 1981 DIED.


Hoffmann, Frank (F.H.)

BIRTH: July 15, 1938 STUDY: English/Geography University of Mainz, State Examination, 1966 WORK: Teacher State of Rhineland-Palatinate 1960- SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag BOOKS/FILMS: (C) Book of cartoons on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty 1986; Series of pockets on various subjects 1986 GROUP SHOWS: "Kunst an Nachmsitag" Galerie Schioppenhazzer Essen Germany 1983, 85; "100 Fahre Freikeits-Statue" Galerie Caricartoon Dusseldorf Germany 1986 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: 21/2 minutes on German TV December 30, 1986 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Manhattan Beach, CA, USA


Hogan, Wayne

BIRTH: STUDY: Sociology Tulane University Ph.D. SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag BOOKS/FILMS: "Patty Lou: Her World and Welcome to it"; "Reginald and His Brother Pembroke and his Other Brother Pembroke"; "Some Wildlife Originals and Others"; "Stars and Pipes Forever and Always"; "Sociology: The Unauthorized Story with Pictures"; "A Pretty Good Little Book of Poems & Drawings & Southern Recipes" PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: North American Review; MSS; New Letters; Illinois Writers Review; Milkweed Chronicle; Science for the People; Synaesthesia; California Quarterly; Stone Country; Sunrust Magazine; Slipstream; Rag Mag; Crab Creek Review; Dog River Review; Bitterroot; Appalachian Heritage; The Kindred Spirit; Expresso Tilt; Third Lung Review; Modern Images; The Press-Enterprise; Black Bear Publications; Groovy; Gray Cat Publications; Suburban Wilderness Press; Twilight Zone Magazine; The Artist's Magazine; Trifle Magazine; WPI Journal; Pencil Press Quarterly; Abbey; Poetry Motel; Lucky Star; Confluent Education Journal; The Rural Sociologist; Quarterly Journal of Ideology; Journal of Irreproducible Results GROUP SHOWS: Chattanooga Invitational '86 Exhibition OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Contribute photographs and poetry to leading publications CURRENT RESIDENCE: Cookeville, TN, USA


Holck, Paul

BIRTH: Copenhagen, Denmark, September 30, 1939 STUDY: The Art Craft School/Copenhagen 1957-59 WORK: Cartoonist Politican(Daily Newspaper) Politican 1960 SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Danish Union of Journalists/Danish Newspaper Cartoonists PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate/New York AWARDS: Grand Prix, Salon of Cartoons,Montreal 1976, The Yomivri Shimbun International Cartoon Contest 1987 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Sammlung Karikaturen and Cartoons Basel Switzekland ONE-MAN SHOWS: Politiken Copenhagen 1985 GROUP SHOWS: Oslo 1985, Stockholm 1986, Frankfurt 1987, Basel 1990, Washington 1990, Moscow 1991 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: TV. shows, Books, Covers, Posters, etc. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lendevangen 43, Denmark


Homberg, Barbara

BIRTH: Meerbusch, Germany, March 20, 1955 STUDY: Graphic Design, Fachhochschule, Niederrhein, Krefeld; Diplom 1973-78 SPECIALTY: Caricature, Ilustration BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Damit Wird Mann Leben Mussen", Lappen Verlaj 1989, (A) "Mann Hat's Echt Schwer " 1991 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Hamburg, Germany


Hontou, Fermin (OMBU)

BIRTH: Montevideo, Uruguay, September 11, 1956 STUDY: Architecture State University 1976; Drawing and painting with Master: Pepe Montes, Julio Uruguay Alpuy and Guillermo Fernandez 1973-82 WORK: Illustrator/Designer SOL 1977-79; Caricaturist/Cartoonist Unomasuno 1983-84; Member of Creative Staff Guambia 1984; Caricaturist/Illustrator Brecha 1985 SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Humorist, Illustrators and Caricaturist Association (ADHIC); Press Association of Uruguay (APU) BIBLIOGRAPHY: Elvio E. Gandolfo "La Historieta Nacional Perdida" Opinar July 29, 1982; Elvio E. Gandolfo "Fermin Hontou" Jaque February 8, 1985; Hugo Barreto "Existe Una Historieta Uruguaya?" Aqui 1986 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "El Increible Viaje Del Chapulin" 1984; Ombu; (E) Edilin & Sep Cultura; (P) Edilin PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Patatin & Patatan; Opcion; El Dedo; Guambia; Orsai; El Bote; Jaque; Brecha; Cuadernos de Marcha; El Tic-Tac de la Hora; Prohibida; Cosmik; El Pulgar; Paz Y Justicia; Cuadernos Del Claeh; Fierro; Uno Mas Uno; Caminos del Aire; Snif AWARDS: 1st place Poster contest for "El Lugar del Humo", Uruguay 1979 GROUP SHOWS: Homenaje A Peloduro 1982; Nuestro Golpe de Humor 1985; Nos Exponemos Todos 1986; VI Bienal del Humor y La Historieta , Cordoba 1986; Los Dibjantes De Guambia 1987; Humor Grafico Uruguayo, En Curitiba 1987; Humor Grafico Uruguayo, En Sao Paulo 1988 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Montevideo


Hook, Geoffrey

BIRTH: Hobart, Tasmania, December 27, 1928 STUDY: St. Virgic's College, Hobart 1939-45; Hobart Institute of Technology, Commercial Art 1951-55 WORK: The MErcury Hobart, Tasmania, Cartooning 1951-64; The Sun News; As The Herald-Sun 1964 to present SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration, Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: Realist Artiste Guild of Australia ,The Australian Journalists' Association; Black & White Artists of Australia; The Illustraters Association of Australia BOOKS/FILMS: (A)Jamie The Jumbo Jet (Children) 1971; (C) The SuperRoo of Munga Conga Loo (Childrens) 1972; (C) Golf Dictionary/Skiing Dictonary and others in Series 1977-85; (A) The Penguin Hook 1977; (C) THe Laughs on Us (Cricket Stories); (C)Just for Kicks (Football) 1992 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: All Publications Part of News Corporation (Australia), The Bulletin (Australia) AWARDS: Best Political Cartoon & Festival Knokke Heist Belgium 1987, Best Humorous Illustration in Australian Black and White Club 1987, Best Cartoon & International Cartoon Festival Knokke Heist, Belgium 1991 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Westpac Gallery, Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Vitoria OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: A part of the United states Be-Centenniac Celebrations, Rode a bike on the Trans-Ameriac Bike Trail From Reedsport, Oregan to Pueblo, Colorado Providing Cartoons and Illustrations for the paper in Melbourne, Australia 1976CURRENT RESIDENCE:Burwood, Victoria Australia


Horak, Yaroslav

BIRTH: Manchuria, China, June 12,0 1927 STUDY: Y. M. C. A. College, Habin Manchuria WORK: Self Taught Artist, Freelance Contributor at early age. SPECIALTY: Animation, Comic Books, Comic Strips, Illustration, Sports, Story Strips BIBLIOGRAPHY: Graham Rye 007 Fan Club No 17 (London) 1988; John Ryan Panel By Panel Cassel 1979; Roman Gubern Lepelin (Spain) Revista Mensual Del Comico 1974 BOOKS/FILMS: (AC) Cop Shop (Australia) 1983; (C) Coleccion Afentes Secretos Burulan (Spain) 1974; Fleetway Publications War Books (U.K.) 1963-65; 100 Jacklin Golfstrips (U.K.) 1972; The Living Daylights Titan Book (U.K.) 1987; Octopussy Titan Book (U.K.) 1988 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Fohn Edwards, Syd Nicholls, Pyramid Publications, K.G. Murray Publications, Fleetway Publications (U.K.), Daily express (U.K.), Sunday Express Syndication, Daily Mirror (Syd) GROUP SHOWS: City of London 1968 OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Married 2nd Time in 1982 and has Natasha (9) and Damon (5) CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lindfield, Australia


Horst, Reinhard

BIRTH: Braunlage, Germany, May 31, 1959 STUDY: Design, Fachhochschule for Design Aachen , Dipl. Graphic Designer 1985 WORK: Freelance SPECIALTY: Comic Books MEMBERSHIPS: ICOM (Interessengemeinschoft Comic Strip) BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kleus Bogdon Comic Express No 50 Felix Interview 1988; Comic Forum, Felix and Amour 1992; Stockfish, Icom Info, Reinhard Horst, Portrot 1989 BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Illustrated Felix" Book 1 and 2 (Illustrations) 1989, 1991 (A) "Playbar" (Comic Parody Playboy) 1991; (A) div. Stories in Schwermetall (German Edition of Heavy Metal 1989-1990OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Commercial: Fashion Illustraron, Covers for Computer Games, Poster Etc. Cover for comic Magazines CURRENT RESIDENCE: Aachen, Germany


Huffaker, Sandy

BIRTH: Tennessee, USA, September 23, 1943 STUDY: University of Alabama BA. 1966; Art Students League 1965; Pratt Graphics Center 1974 WORK: BIrmingham News Illustrator 1966-68; News and Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) Political Cartoonist 1969-72; Freelance 1972-91; Fine Art 1986-91 SPECIALTY: Illustration MEMBERSHIPS: Society of Illstrators, NCS CURRENT RESIDENCE: Santa Fe, New Mexico USA


Hulst, Cees van der

BIRTH: Beemster, Netherlands, September 9, 1956 STUDY: Studied Theology and Philosophy in Holland and England WORK: Public Accountant; Cartoonists/Illustrator SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: El Nacional; El Universal; Le Monde Diplomatique; De Groene Amsterdammer; De Volkskrant; Boletin (de la Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos); Voices of Mexico; J.A. Dixon's AWARDS: 1st "La Exposicion Nacional de la Caricatura Deportiva: Humorismo en el Futbol" 1983; Exile-Kulturkoordination, Duisburg Germany 1986; 3rd Prize of Mexico 1986; Bronze Medal Bienal Internacional de Humorismo 1987, San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba 1987; Special Prize XX World Cartoon Gallery, Skopje 1988 CCURRENT RESIDENCE: Mexico


Howard, John Taylor

BIRTH: Austin, TX, USA, January 19, 1962 STUDY: University of Kentucky 1985 SPECIALTY: Comic Books PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Nerve Comics; Giant Size Mini Comics; Clay Geerdes Comics World; Jabberwocky Garphix; Leaping Weasel Comics; Collected Sacker; Comics Journal; The Buyers Guide for Comics Fandom; Ultra Klutz CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lexington, KY, USA


Hruby, Jan

BIRTH: Uherske Hradiste, Czechoslovkia STUDY: School of Applied Arts 1960-64 WORK: Free lance SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag BIBLIOGRAPHY: Dr Alena Pomajzlova "Jan Hruby" Prace 1982; Pavel Stepanek "Arte Attuale" D'Ars n. 56-57 1971; Andrej Svec "Czech Cartoons" Vytvarny Zivot 4/29 1984 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Mlady Svet; Technicky Magazin; Kyety; Gramorevue; Tvorba; Magazin Haft (NDR); Almanach Ohen/The Firez; Papirovy Humor/The Paper Humour; 100X Hori/100X It is on Fire; Poste Restante; 100x Posisteny Usmev/100x Secured Smile AWARDS: 2 Prize in the International Exposition of Painted Humour and Caricatures in Skopje 1974; Excellence Prize 7th Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest 1986 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Sammlung Karikaturen & Cartoons, Basel; Art Collection Junij Ljubljana, Yugoslavia; Skopje World Cartoon Gallery ONE-MAN SHOWS: Cesky Brod-Museum 1978; Prague -Mal. Beseda 1980; Jihlava-Klub Mladeze 1982; Havirov-Gal. Centrum 1984; Brno-Gal. Cs. Spisovatele 1986 GROUP SHOWS: Gal. Fronta, Prague 1979; Gal. Cs. Spisovatele, Prague 1986; Gal. V. Karlove Ulici, Prague 1980; Boztoky U Prague - Castle 1983; Brno Du Panu Z Kunstatu 1978; Staromestska Radnice, Prague 1983; World Cartoon Gal, Skopje 1974; International Gal., Gabrovo 1985; Castle, Marostica 1984; Cartoon Ex. Knokke-Heist 1985; Ljubljana Grupa Junij 1982; Premi Juan Miro Barcelona 1972 CURRENT RESIDENCE:Prague, Czechoslovakia


Hublikar, Gurusiddappa Yellappa

BIRTH: Hubli, India, June 5, 1939 STUDY: Kalamandira, Hubli Diploma in Fine Arts 1960; Nutan Kalamandira, Bombay WORK: Cartoonist/Artist The Printers(Put) Mysole Limited Deccan Herald Group 1964-70; Cartoonist Newspapers & Periodicals Ltd. Pralamatha 1970 SPECIALTY: Political/Social MEMBERSHIPS: State Lalithkala Academy Karnataka; President, Karnataka Cartoonists Association BIBLIOGRAPHY: P.R. Thippeswamy "Klaopasakaru", "Reference Asia:"; Directory Central Lalithkala Academy"; Directory State L.K.A"; "Who is Who in Asia"; "Who is Who in India"; "INFA" 1966 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Deccan Herald' Southern Speaker; Prata Van; Maynra; Sudha; Taranga; Kannada Prabha; Pratamatha AWARDS: State Lalithkala Academy 1960,66,67; Dasara Exhibition 1977,86 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Bombay; Bangalore; Madras GROUP SHOWS: Mysole; Bangalore; Madras; Bombay; Delhi; Texas; Russia; Germany OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Chairman: Kalamahotsava; Founder/President: Mysole Art Council Artists Group; Founder/Vice President: We Four Group of Artists; President: Rhythm, group of Artists; Founder: Akalamela; President: Karnataica Cartoonists Association CURRENT RESIDENCE: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Hunt, Dale Charles

BIRTH: Stockton, CA, USA July 16, 1950 STUDY: Delta College A.A 1983 WORK: Artist Bill Jennings 1985-86 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag BOOKS/FILMS: "Charlie" Lincoln Chronicle 1985 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Stockton Revue; Tabloid; Lincoln Chronicle; AD; PennySaver AWARDS: 2nd Prize in Logo for Art Col. Stockton Art League 1984 GROUP SHOWS: Stockton Art League Logo Contest CURRENT RESIDENCE: Stockton, CA, USA


Hurlmeier, Rudolf

BIRTH: Roma, Germany, November 13, 1955 STUDY: Self-Taught WORK: Freelance SPECIALTY: Caricature, Illustration BIBLIOGRAPHY: August Willi, Who's Hurzl?, Munich Lifestyle Mag. 1986; August Willi, All About Hurzl, Munich Lifesyle Mag. 1990 BOOKS/FILMS: (A)ZinnoberVerlag, Hamsburg Title: Schrzum World 1986; (P)Comicon, Munchem, "Alors Oder Nox" 1989; (P) "Alors Schlaft" 1990; (P)Wiafrowski,Munchem, "Alors in Duffer" 1991; (P) Comicon "Galala Fontaine 1990; (P)Wiatrowski "Niut von Orleckten Elton 1992 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Peuthonse Mag., PM Mag., Playgirl Germany, Prinz Munchem, Bunte Illustents, Kowalski Hamburg, Titanic, Stern, ca Minterene, AWARDS: Golden Handshake ONE-MAN SHOWS: Munich Royal, Hotrau Hall 1985, Artemis Gallery 1989 GROUP SHOWS: Comic Test 1991 Munchem, Tollwood Test Munchem 1991 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Munchem, Germany


Husband, Tony Willaim

BIRTH: Blackpool, England, August 28, 1950 WORK: Office Junior Advertising Agency 1967-69; Windowdresser Burtons 1969-74; Jeweller John Newtons 1975-83 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag MEMBERSHIPS: Cartoonist Club Great Britain; FECO BOOKS/FILMS: (A) "Use Your Head"; "Bye Bye Camelworld" 1985; "Animal Husbandry" 1986; "100% British" 1988; "Yobs Private Eye" 1988; "Greatest Story Never Told" 1988; (C) "100 Things to do with a Blace Lace Record" 1987; "Great Holiday Disasters" 1987; (E) "Kid's Are Alright" (compilation of cartoons for NSPCC 1986 PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Punch; Private Eye; Playboy; Men Only; Fiesta; Knave; Club Int; Mayfair; Escort; Nazzle; Shoot; Match Weekly; Daily Star; Mirror; Sun; People; Sun Mail; B.A. News; High Life; Our Dogs; Viz; Oink; Whizzer; Buster; Optician; Golf Weekly; My Weekly; She; Hairflair; Cats; News of World; Sounds; City Life; Duck Soup; Reader's Digest; Running Wild; Game; Whitehouse; Parade; The Hit; "'M'"; Computer Month; Glass Eye; Artful Reporter; Jewish Chronicle; Sun Express; Lab. Weekly; Tit Bit AWARDS: Joke Cartoonist of 1984; Joke Cartoonist of 1985; Strip Cartoonist of 1987 ONE-MAN SHOWS: Contact Theatre Manchester 1985; Library Theatre, Manchester 1986; Tameside Library 1987; Calman Gallery 1988 GROUP SHOWS: Private Eye Show; Punch Show; Cartoonist Club; FECO; Oink Exhibitions; OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Written for Television; Co-editor and Co-founder of Oink childrens comic; wrote track for Oink single; worked on Oink computer game; CURRENT RESIDENCE: Geecross, Hyde, Ches, England


Hussain, Irfan Mansoor (IRFAN)

BIRTH: Nagpur, India, January 28, 1964 STUDY: Chitrakala Maha Vidhalaya Sadar, Nagpur BFA 1987 WORK: Nagpur Times 1985-86 SPECIALTY: Magazine Gag PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Nagpur Times; Hitavada AWARDS: 2nd Prize Caricature, Tradefair Authority of India (TFAI) 1986 CARTOONS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: TFAI, New Delhi ONE-MAN SHOWS: Pune 1986; Nagpur 1987 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India


Huxley, Qentin Roy (HUX)

BIRTH: Papua New Guinea, September 10, 1962 STUDY: Art Seaforth Technical College Art Certificate 1982; East Sydney College Art Certificate 1983 WORK: Artist News Ltd (Rupert Murdock) 1979- SPECIALTY: Caricature MEMBERSHIPS: Australian Black & White Artist Cup; Australian Journalists Association PUBLICATIONS/SYNDICATED FEATURES: Daily Mirror; The Australian; Daily Telegraph; Sunday Telegraph; Sportsman OTHER PROF. ACTIVITIES/ACHIEVEMENTS: Designed promotional T-Shirt for State of Origin football in 1985. Sold in NSW, QUD, TAS, SA, VIC, NT, ACT, SA, England, Papua New Guinea, Canada, New Zealand and Indonesia CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sydney, Australia


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