Saudi anger sends Indian editors to jail over American comic strip (1993)

When Johnny Hart of Creators Syndicate did one of the episodes of his popular B.C. comic strip in the spring of 1993, he certainly did not think that his innocent joke would send two Indian editors to a Saudi Arabian prison. Balaram Menon, who worked in Jeddah for the Arab News for the past 11 years, on March 7, 1993, allowed a "B.C." cartoon to be published that Saudi officials felt questioned God's existence. For that, Menon was sentenced to two years in prison and 500 lashes (a form of physical punishment). His editor-in-chief, Farouk Luqman, received a one year sentence and 300 lashes. To the editors' luck, the case received heavy international publicity. That, as well as the tireless lobbying efforts of Arab News and Creators Syndicate eventually led to a royal pardon on September 14, 1993.

Johnny Hart's strip was taken seriously in Saudi Arabia as questioning the existance of God