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Eray Özbek, Turkey

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List of major articles and features

The New Crossroads of Europe
by Joe Szabo

International Cartoon Grand Prix
by John Weber

Those glorious colored pages
The story of Joseph Keppler and Puck
by Richard Samuel West

Kibbutz cartoon workshop
Gaining popularity in Israel
by Mik Jago

Syndication attorney sued
by John Weber

Black and white art on a black and white theme
The Aborigine in Australian cartoons
by Rolf Heimann

The Soccer World Cup Cartoon Competition

Mort Drucker
His approach to illustration
by John Reiner

Colorful international stamps by Comic Artists
by Pierre Horn

Doug Marlette
Kudzu creator and Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist
by Dennis Wepman

Children of the world
Exclusive previews from an exciting worldwide cartoon project
by Vanessa Morgan

Pannonia Film Studios
Famed Hungarian animation
by Frederick Patten

Cartoon Laboratory
Computer Comics from Germany
by Klaus Strzyz

New trends in the U.K. comic strips
Sex in British Comics
by Les Lilley