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Gábor Geszti, Brazil

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Creator of "Hägar the Horrible"
Dik Browne Succumbs to cancer
by John A. Lent

The cheapening of the comics
The creator of "Calvin and Hobbes" speaks out
by Bill Watterson

Berk Breathed moves on
Retiring from cartooning
by Dennis Wepman

Cartoonists and syndicates:
Small Pilot Fish and Jaws
by Lee Salem

The shadowy origins of batman - human or superhuman
by Clay Geerdes

Rakha, egypt's pioneer critical cartoonist
by Mohammed Effat Abd El-Azim Esmail

Powerful while lasted: China's brief cartooning tradition by Alfonz Lengyel

From Bordalo Pinheiro to Manta
The tortuous route of Portugal's humorous art
by Osvaldo de Sousa

Many problems abound to account for the sad state of Czech graphic humor
by Daniel Kumermann