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Jim Davis, United States

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50 years of superman
The triumphs, trials, and tribulations of its creators
by John A. Lent

The man of steel's hometown pays homage
by John Weber

The meaning of superman
17 comics illuminaries describe their feelings
by John Weber

From "gnorm gnat" to "Garfield"
The outstanding success of Jim Davis
by Frank Pauer

Focus on peace: Political cartoons juxtaposed from around the world
by Deng Coy Miel

For fear of muzzling or jail: Indonesian cartoonists cannot have authoritative opinions
by Ramli Badrudin

The master of piercing irony
Interview with Hungarian cartoonist Tamás Császár
by Joseph George Szabo

Australian pub
From cartoon page to thirst quencher
by Wayne Baldwin

Germany's successful female cartoonist looks for topics in everyday life
A profile of Doris Lerche
by Klaus Strzyz

Lo linkert's stamptoons
Cartoons involving international stamps by the German-Canadian cartoonist

Warsaw cartoon museum formed when caricaturist's home overflows
An introduction of the first Polish cartoon museum
by Zygmunt Januszewski