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Vangelis Pavlidis, Greece

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List of major articles and features

LaPalme and his salon
A double anniversary
by John A. Lent

19th century style and modern sensibility
A conversation with caricaturist David Levine
by Dennis Wepman

Milton cCaniff (1907-1988)
by John A. Lent

Trends of argentine comics
by Germán Cáceres

When distortion goes beyond well-given criticism
by Joseph George Szabo

Focus on Aids
Editorial cartoons juxtaposed from around the world

Evolve endlessly, do not hurry, and be opinionated
An interview with French cartoonist Jacques Faizant
by Jean-Claude Faur

"I am an entertainer...I draw cartoons"
An interview with leading Holland cartoonist Willy Lohmann
by Peter Nieuwendijk

"Oh reject slip, where is thy sting"
by John R. Cassady

A tradition continues
Czechoslovakian cartoons
by Jiri Slíva

And the winner of this year's "emil" is...
by Daniel Kumermann

Olympic flashpoints
Sports cartoons from around the world