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Stan Sakai, United States

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List of major articles and features

Full circle: Japanese animation
by Frederick Patten

In the beginning was the word
An interview with famed American comic book artist Frank Miller
by Heidi MacDonald

Cartoonists and penguins on tour to promote literacy
by Phil Yeh and Joe Szabo

Samurai Rabbit
An interview with comic book artist Stan Sakai
by Phil Yeh

Japanese and American comics reflecting influences
by Orvy Jundis

Frozen smiles
by Denis Gifford

A letter and a cartoon
by Joseph George Szabo

A Profile of the South African Cartoonist
by Kathleen Haas

No laughing matter
About censorship in South Africa
by David Anderson

Focus on terrorism
Political cartoons juxtaposed from around the world

Cartoonists in China
by Fang Cheng

Roland Fiddy
An interview with the British cartoonist
by Peter Nieuwendijk

A lot of Lat
Interview with one of Malaysia's most prolific cartoonists
by John A. Lent

Respectable graffiti
Beautiful cartoons on a tram in Australia
by Rolf Heimann

Summer Palace
A hot spot for cartoon art in East Germany
by Alex Frohn