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Sawant honored for life achievement.

On 26 April 2010, famed Indian cartoonist and one of WittyWorld's original international editors, Suresh Sawant, received "The Life Time Achievement Award" by Cartoon Watch, India's only cartoon magazine.
The ceremony was arranged in Raipur, in Chhattisgarh's capital, which is a state in central India, from where the magazine is published.

The award was presented to Sawant by Dr. Raman Singh (center), the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh.

Statement of Iranian cartoonists on the
9th Tehran Cartoon Biennale

The recent presidential election in Iran and its aftermath found huge international coverage and attention. As you may know, there was a huge and unprecedented turn-out in balloting, which was a sign of the Iranian people's will to reform the current situation of the country. But the aftermath of the election was so desperately annoying that no free soul can ever close his eyes on it. The same is true for the cartoonists. They have always accompanied people in portraying pains and in offering criticisms, in denouncing violence and in promotion of justice; and they have always called for peace. The same is true for the time being. The cartoonists feel an obligation to stand by people who have faced such unkindness. We the cartoonists have always tried to laugh people out of pain and pressure. But how can one witness killing of brothers and sisters and still remain silent? In such a situation, the 9th Tehran cartoon Biennale is on the way. Due to the post-election events, the cultural joy has totally disappeared from Iranian society. So we don not see any real interest in holding such a Biennale. In the current situation, we see our responsibility in a different perspective which does not necessarily include laughing and making laugh. Due to this fact, we the undersigned cartoonists, declare that we would not participate in this international festival. Previously, the festival has been held by cooperation and sympathy of professional Iranian cartoonists but this time, we would not cooperate or participate.

1- Arvin
2- Nahideh Asiabi
3- Mahdi Aghajani
4- Mojtaba Adibi
5- Majid Adibi
6- Ali Asadi
7- Leyla Afsari
8- Reza Amirriahi
9- Sepideh Anjomrooz
10- Roya Anooshe
11- Mehran Iranlou
12- Mohsen Izadi
13- Sadegh Bagheri
14- Hamed Bazrafkan
15- Rahim Baghal Asghari
16- Saied Behdad
17- Hamid Bahrami
18- Vajihe Pari Zangane
19- Payam Pourfallah
20- Naeem Tadayon
21- Yahya Tadayon
22- Abdolebad Taghavi
23- Mahdi Tamizi
24- Abdolhadi Sanaie
25- Saied Janghorban
26- Shahb Jafarnejad
27- Javad Jafarian
28- Mahmoud Javadi
29- Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour
30- Hadi Heidari
31- Sasan Khadem
32- Nazanin Khami
33- Mohammad Khodadadi
34- Hossein Khosrojerdi
35- Morteza Khosravi
36- Hamid Kholghi
37- Behnam Khamisi
38- Mohammad Ali Khoshkam
39- Hamideh Khiabani
40- Hesam Dadkhah
41- Rahman Dadgostar
42- Behtash Davarpanah
43- Saied Davari
44- Hamidreza Davoudi
45- Ali Derakhshi
46- Paria Dehghani
47- Khashayar Radafshar
48- Farshid Rajabali
49- Jamal Rahmati
50- Maryam Rahimi
51- Hadi Rahimi
52- Saied Razzaghi
53- Ardeshir Rostami
54- Dariush Rmezani
55- Kianoosh Ramezani
56- Shiva Zamanfar
57- Kiyarash Zandi
58- Keyvan Zargari
59- Afshin Sabouki
60- Pouya Seyedkazemi
61- Fateme Shakool
62- Hooman Shahbandi
63- Mahdi Sadeghi
64- Hamid Sadeghian
65- Hossein Safi
66- Majid Salehi
67- Mohsen Zarifian
68- Ahmad Abdollahinia
69- Ahmad Arabani
70- Mahdi Alibeigi
71- Faez Alidoosti
72- Javad Alizadeh
73- Amin Alinia
74- Nooshin Omrahi
75- Arash Farrokhi
76- Hesam Fetrati
77- Mohammad Feizabadi
78- Asad Binakhahi
79- Majid Kazemi
80- Mahdi Karimzadeh
81- Ehsan Ganji
82- Ghasem Lotfi
83- Firoozeh Mozaffari
84- Bahar Movahhed Bashiri
85- Amin Moayedi
86- Shahnaz Mohi
87- Ali Miraee
88- Ayat Naderi
89- Mahnam Najafi
90- Alireza Nosrati
91- Maryam Noormohammadzadeh
92- Saeid Noroozi
93- Mana Neyestani
94- Vahid Nikgoo
95- Pantea Vaeznia
96- Hooman Hadizadeh
97- Ali Honarvar
98- Mohammad Sadjad Taheri
99- Mahmood Mohammad Tabrizi
100- Saeid Nemati
101- Salman Raeis Abdollahi
102- Peyman Rezaee
103- Bijan Asadipour
104- Hossein Shishegar
105- Saeid Ahrabi
106- Ali Mohammadi
107- Mohammad Tahani
108- Hamidreza Pournasiri
109- Masoud Mahini
110- Ali Tajaddod
111- Mahdi Mohammadi Roozbahani
112- Rafat Hashemi Sisakht
113- Saleh Tasbihi
114- Nima Jamali
115- Jalal Rahmati
116- Ali Jahanshahii
117- Alireza Hesami
118- Mohammah Saleh Razm Hosseini
119- Soroush Dastmalchina
120- Arezoo Aghababaeian
121- Hanif Bahari
122- Monire Kordestanchi
123- Armin Golchoobian
124- Mahnaz Yazdani
125- Mohammadreza Mobayen
126- Mahmood Salami
127- Behzad Riazi
128- Edik Boghosian
129- Maryam Farahzadi
130- Salman Taheri
131- Ghasem Elahi
132- Taravat Niki
133- Javad Karimifar
134- Syavash Zarrinabadi
135- Amir Dehghan
136- Sadegh Karaei

Ginger Meggs Cartoonist Dies
James Kemsley worked on his strip right to the end

Melbourne, Australia, December 6, 2007 — James Kemsley passed away on Monday December the 3rd at his home town of Welby, having suffered an increasingly debilitating two and a half years of motor neuron disease. It was an unmistakable sign of his popularity that his fellow cartoonists and his friends from the cricket world, from the stage, and the local council, raised tens of thousands of dollars for his treatment. The unused money will be donated to the Motor Neuron Disease Association NSW. Kemsley touched the lives of many cartoonists, both in Australia and abroad, during his illustrious career.

He began drawing the iconic Ginger Meggs in 1984 and built on its success both in Australia and overseas. He served as President of the Australian Black and White Artists Club and later the Australian Cartoonists' Association. When he wasn't in an official role his guidance and assistance continued spanning over 20 years. In 1990 he was awarded the Jim Russell Award for oustanding contribution to Australian cartooning, two Stanleys for Comic Strip Artist (1990 and 2004) and the Gold Stanley for Cartoonist of The Year in 2001.

Privately he helped many cartoonists find their way through the maze of freelance cartooning. Many will be indebted for his enthusiasm and guidance. Cartoonist, actor, entertainer, cricket tragic and keen St. Kilda supporter James Kesley led the charge for the ACA culminating in the association being recognized with a Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism in 2005. — Rolf Heimann

Somali cartoonist on the run
Threatened with torture and murder

Cairo, Egypt, October 16, 2007 — Twenty-three year-old Somali cartoonist Abdullahi Ali Muhiaddin AKA (Abdul), whose work has been regularly published on several Somali websites including Calanka (The Flag), Mudugonline, as well as in newspapers such as the Mogadishu Times, Panorama, and Sanca Weekly Independent, recently started receiving anonymous phone calls threatening him with torture and murder. The threats were traced back to radical Somali Islamist groups. Abdul fled to Egypt where he still fears for his life.

The following is his translation of an e-mail he recently received:

"The follower of nonbelievers (Kafr)" what they called to me "The real Apostate, you will meet our torture in the world before the Day of Judgment and we know every step that you make and where you are living now. You must know that we have many youngsters (Shabab) in the Middle East and they will face [find] you to punish you for what you have done with your evil cartoons against Islam.

We know you are thinking that you stay outside the country. You should know that we have many active members in Egypt and the Middle East. And it's easy for us to harm you everywhere in Egypt.

In conclusion, you will see the upcoming hours of torture and murder that you earned with your cartoons."

One of Abdul's cartoons that drew the anger of Somali Islamic radicals. A moderate Sufi is running away from a radical Alshabab portrayed here as a suicide attacker with bombs strapped around his waist.

The life of another cartoonist is threatened

Stockholm, Sweden, September 22, 2007 — Al-Qaida offered prize money for the murder of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. The artist, who holds a Ph.D. in art science, got into an international controversy after he made images depicting the head of Prophet Muhammad placed on the body of a dog, in July 2007.

“We are calling for the assassination of cartoonist Lars Vilks who dared insult our Prophet... We announce a reward of $100,000 for the one who kills this criminal.” says a soundfile on an Islamic Web site. The announcing Iraqi al-Qaida leader later upped the reward by 50% if the cartoonist was “slaughtered like a lamb.”

Viks' drawings were intended to be shown at a small art exhibition in Tällerud in Värmland, Sweden, but were removed before the opening for fear of violence by radical Islamists. Vilks then submitted his drawings to several other art galleries, including the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art in Bohuslän, where Vilks himself is a frequent speaker/lecturer, but all institutions cited fear of terror and declined to show the images. More on the story, one of Vilks' images, a blog, as well as subsequent public discussion can be found at the Gates of Vienna.


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